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Fig. 16-1: An AutoCAD Base file filled with the relevant project information: architecture, civil, utility, survey info, and the site plan.
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Different types of patents are de ned:
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S X +- s X ( 6 . . 0 ) c + sX(7);
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mance for the solution using a number of planar surfaces was shown in Figure 3.5. From a study of these results, we draw the following conclusions: For planar surfaces, four or five surfaces are optimum. For cylinders, the larger the sector, the better, but going much beyond 120 is of limited value. The cylinder case is better than the planar alternative by about 1.5 dB, and almost 2 dB better if a large scan angle can be used effectively ( close to unity).
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Make Directory: MD The make directory command helps you create new directories in your system (see Figure 3-18). Change to any directory where you want to create the new directory, and then issue the following command:
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Select an item in Movie Explorer and right-click/Ctrl+click to invoke the contextual menu related to that particular item. Irrelevant commands are grayed-out, indicating that functionality is not available in context with the item. Figure 9-18 shows the contextual menu of the Movie Explorer. Among the most useful commands is the Goto Location option at the top. When you can t find an item (because it s on a masked layer or is invisible), this command can be a lifesaver. Next, we cover the Movie Explorer Options menu.
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The playback controls set to Standard appearance
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Figure 10.10. Performance of BCCH underlay for 3.6 MHz. TU3 and 1500 m inter-site distance, DL performance simulations
If you open it, close it
Within functions defined for the MovieClip class s onMouseMove(), onMouseUp(), onMouseDown(), onKeyDown(), or onKeyUp() methods Within onClipEvent() handlers for the MovieClip class, for the following events: mouseMove, mouseDown, mouseUp, keyDown, or keyUp Within functions invoked by the setInterval() function
#nav ul a:hover { color : #0066FF!important; }
6. Click and drag one or more photos or an album to the slideshow editor to add
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