Part II Using Core Classes
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In this section, we review the three options for exporting from Flash to go out to video: QuickTime, AVI, and image sequences.
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The Ruler Units area affects three things: the origin point (by page, by spread, or by the spine), the measurement system displayed on the horizontal and vertical ruler on the document window, and the default values in fields used for positioning objects. The Origin pop-up menu determines the zero point (typically, the upper-left corner of the page) for object positions. If you choose Page, objects positions are relative to each page s upper-left corner. If you choose Spread, objects positions are relative to the current spread s upper-left corner. If you choose Spine, objects positions are relative to the binding spine of each spread the very top and center of where the two pages meet.
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C H A P T E R 12
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The rss2email program by Aaron Swartz is another approach to routing RSS and Atom feed items into your inbox. It s written in Python and is available here:
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var lsoPreferences:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal( userPreferences );
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Finding digital audio sources
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What s in a Shopping Cart
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You can modify a style by right-clicking it and choosing Modify from the pop-up menu. Note that default styles in the Light, Medium, and Dark groups cannot be modified, although you can always create a custom version of an existing style by first duplicating it and then making the necessary changes in the New PivotTable Quick Style dialog box.
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You also can set the source property using a binding expression. This code uses a group of RadioButton controls to enable the user to switch between the two embedded images:
1. Quit iPhoto if it s running. Press +Q or choose iPhoto Quit iPhoto. 2. Hold down Option and click the iPhoto icon on the Dock to display the What photo
Radio BS
Part 2: SketchUp Process Modeling
The PHP class and its generated ActionScript proxy class implement the following functions that you can call from your Flex application (note that the name of the database table is incorporated into many of the function names and will depend on your database table names):
$ bin/mysqld_safe -- user=mysql &
The Union command enables you to combine two or more objects into one merged object. One technique that helps me decide whether the Union is the proper command to use is that time-honored artist s tool, squinting. After I ve positioned objects with which to form my new shape, I lean back from the monitor and squint so that I can see just the outline of the new shape. That s precisely what Union does it combines the shapes into an overall outline and removes any overlapping areas.
Both species can lead to propagation. Many other plausible theories on propagation have been sauggested. 125 ,286 A number of processes are available for chain transfer in coordination polymerization. 125 ,254,255,323 Chain transfer brings about termination of the growing polymer chain, specifically, its separation from the transition metal, which makes the active site available for initiation of a new chain. Since chain transfer with modem, high-activity Ziegler-Natta catalysts occurs very rarely compared to chain growth, polymers with very long chains and of high molecular weight are produced. Since these are unsuitable for processing, effective molecular weight control is necessary. Two transfer reactions are characteristic of certain heterogeneous Ziegler-Natta catalysts. Chain transfer to the monomer [Eq. (13.69)] involves a ~-hydrogen transfer that yields a polymer with a methyl group at one end and a vinyl group at the other end. The observation that the monomer concentration has a significant effect on molecular weight is in accord with this mechanism. Chain transfer with hydrogen [Eq. (13.70)] leaves only methyl groups in the polymer chain ends: (13.69) (13.70) Addition of hydrogen to terminate the chains is the most important and widely used industrial process to control molecular weight. Chain transfer with organometallic compounds (cocatalysts), which is basically an alkyl exchange, can take place with titanium-based and chromium-based systems: (13.71)
14.1.1. Chemistry in Nontraditional Reaction Media
Figure 1-12: The first of four Chart Wizard dialog boxes
It s not hard to see how tables can help with formatting elements. For example, consider the following code and the output shown in Figure 9-14:
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