path with the Subselection tool, all the points that create the path appear, not just the path that becomes visible when you use the Pointer. Each point on a path initially resembles a small hollow square. When you approach a point with the Subselection tool, the white pointer changes into a single white arrowhead, indicating that a point is available for selection, as shown in Figure 9-10. Clicking that point selects it and changes the hollow square to a solid square.
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This is the horizontal and vertical grid size for the document. The horizontal grid size is gridSize.x and the vertical grid size is gridSize.y.
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his appendix provides a reference to XHTML 1.1 markup conventions and standards. As a result of its XML heritage, XHTML is much less forgiving than HTML has historically been (or, perhaps more accurately, than HTML browsers have been). You cannot omit closing tags or place an italic (i) element inside an anchor (a) element. Attribute values must be quoted, and minimized attributes are disallowed, which leads to odd constructs such as <select multiple="multiple">. The more strict conventions help ensure that your code is more standards-compliant and forward-looking. Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with XHTML: XHTML documents must be well-formed (closing tags required, no overlapping tags allowed). Empty elements can be both opened and closed with one tag:
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Creating a New Wireframe Project
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The code for this exercise appears in the next two listings. Listing 24-1 contains the JavaScript for the document (in an external le); Listing 24-2 contains the HTML document itself, which is shown in Figure 24-6.
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Working with alignment options
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Another example of chart annotation is shown in Figure 6-14. This pie chart is actually grouped with a Rectangle AutoShape that displays text. The text, which summarizes the chart, is aligned to the upper-right corner of the rectangle. The image also includes a small clip art logo in the bottom-right corner, which is grouped with the chart and AutoShape.
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y < 0.1 bar MACROPORES Roots Mesofauna 10 4
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fontGridType. Determines whether to measure fonts based on pixels or subpixels. fontThickness. Determines the thickness of font glyph edges. fontSharpness. Determines the sharpness of font glyphs.
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public void seridAction ( ) { // s e n t v a l u e = c l o c k [ m y l d ] ; tick (); p u b l i c void receiveAction ( i n t sender , i n t s e n t v a l u e ) { clock [ sender ] = Util . max( clock [ sender 1 , s e n t v a l u e ) ; c l o c k [ m y I d ] = Util .max( c l o c k [ m y I d ] , s e n t v a l u e ) 1;
(4.3-1 1)
R R1
1. Select the objects to which you want to apply the Add to shape area mode. In the example in Figure 6.30, the artwork is a rectangle with two ellipses resembling a can shape. Pathfinders work only with paths. You have to convert types into outlined paths, and you can t use Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) images. 2. Choose Add to shape area from the Pathfinder panel. Any overlapping artwork is united into one path. The color of the united path is always the color of the path that was the topmost selected path before you used Add to shape area.
Experimental characterization
s it has in the past, FileMaker Pro 8 builds upon the capabilities and features of previous versions of the program. If you ve used FileMaker Pro in any of its earlier incarnations, the information in this chapter will help smooth your transition to FileMaker Pro 8 by pointing out the changes and additions you need to learn about. In the sections in this chapter, we briefly describe the new features. Some of these feature additions and changes are fairly advanced and might not make a lot of sense to someone unfamiliar with previous versions.
Cell highlighting includes most cell formatting options, such as number format, font styles, font colors, borders, background cell color, and background cell patterns. This type of conditional formatting can be used with all the rule types except Format All Cells Based on Their Values. This rule type does not require any conditions and is specifically reserved for data bars, graded color scales, and icon sets. Note that if you want to apply cell highlighting to all the data in the report, you should either modify the table style (covered earlier in the Spreadsheet Styling section of this chapter) or create a rule under one of the other rules types that selects all the rows (for example, format all cells that are not blank when there are no blank cells in the Spreadsheet report). Data Bars, Graded Color Scales, and Icon Sets are only available with the first rule type, Format All Cells Based on Their Values. When you select this option, conditions cannot be specified, and only the type of formatting can be controlled.
Use values from field: When you select this radio button, the Specify Fields for Value List dialog appears (see Figure 5-20). Choosing this option instructs FileMaker Pro to create a value list based on the contents of a field in this or another database. By default, FileMaker Pro lists all fields in the current table. Choose a field on which to base the value list from the scrolling list on the left. (Optionally, you can select a second field from the list on the right.) To view fields in a different table, click the Specify button.
Table 8-2 Feed Bandwidth Savings with Conditional GET
You can determine the correct reference by checking the value of the navigator.appName property within JavaScript. If the property value contains the string Microsoft, use the ActiveX reference. Otherwise, use the plug-in reference. The following code will help you accomplish that. Place this code in the head of the HTML document.
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