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Style Bold Italic Underline Strikethrough Teletype Emphasis Strong Code Variable Sample Keyboard Citation Definition Deleted Tag Description Text is rendered with a bold style. Text is rendered with an italic style. Text is rendered underlined. Used primarily in edited documents to depict edited text. Usually rendered with a line through the text. Used to represent an old-style typewriter. Rendered in a monospace font such as Courier. Used to accentuate certain words relative to the surrounding text. Most often rendered in italic. Used to strongly accentuate certain words relative to the surrounding text. Most often rendered in boldface. Used to depict programming code, usually in a monospace font. Used to mark variables in programming code. Most often displayed in italics. Used to display characters in a literal sequence, usually in a monospace font. Used to indicate what the user should input. Often shown in a monospace font, sometimes in boldface. Used to mark citations, references, and titles. Most often displayed in italic. Used to denote the first, defining instance of a term. Usually displayed in italic. Used to denote deleted text, to aid in document authoring and editing. You can often find these tags in documents imported from Word HTML files that used the Track Changes feature. Although not fully supported in some browser versions, this style is typically depicted as a line through the text. Used to denote inserted text. Like the Deleted style, this is used during the authoring process to keep track of changes. You can often find these tags in documents imported from Word HTML files that used the Track Changes feature. The style is usually depicted as underlined text.
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Data Mining Models in SQL
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effective. To support the resource sharing within virtual organisations and between real organisations it is essential that resource usage be recorded. The units that need to be recorded will differ between services but could include
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Shetty, A., Loddo, M, Fanshawe, T., Prevost, A.T., Sainsbury, R., Williams, G.H., Stoeber, K. (2005). DNA replication licensing and cell cycle kinetics of normal and neoplastic breast. Br. J. Cancer 93:1295 300. Smith, G. H. and G. Chepko (2001). Mammary epithelial stem cells. Microsc. Res. Tech. 52:190 203. Soule, H. D., Maloney, TM, Wolman, S.R., Peterson, W.D. Jr, Brenz, R., McGrath, C.M., Russo, J, Pauley, R.J., Jones, R.F., Brooks, S.C. (1990). Isolation and characterization of a spontaneously immortalized human breast epithelial cell line, MCF-10. Cancer Res. 50(18):6075 86. Soule, H. D. and McGrath C. M., (1986). A simpli ed method for passage and long-term growth of human mammary epithelial cells. In vitro Cell Dev. Biol. 22:6 12. Spangrude, G. J., Heimfeld, S, Weissman I.L. (1988). Puri cation and characterization of mouse hematopoietic stem cells. Science 241(4861):58 62. Stampfer, M., Hallowes, R.C., Hackett, A.J. (1980). Growth of normal human mammary cells in culture. In vitro 16:415 25. Stampfer, M. R. (1982). Cholera toxin stimulation of human mammary epithelial cells in culture. In vitro 18:531 7. Stingl, J., Eaves, C.J., Kuusk U., Emerman, J.T. (1998). Phenotypic and functional characterization in vitro of a multipotent epithelial cell present in the normal adult human breast. Differentiation 63:201 13. Stingl, J., Eaves, C.J., Zandieh, I., Emerman, J.T. (2001). Characterization of bipotent mammary epithelial progenitor cells in normal adult human breast tissue. Breast Cancer Res. Treat. 67:93 109. Stingl, J., Eirew, P, Ricketson, I., Shackleton, M., Vaillant, F., Choi, D., Li, H.I., Eaves, C.J. (2006). Puri cation and unique properties of mammary epithelial stem cells. Nature 439:993 7. Taylor-Papadimitriou, J. and Lane, E.B. (1987). Keratin expression in the mammary gland. In: The Mammary Gland. M. C. Neville and C. W. Daniel, Plenum Publishing Corporation, pp. 181 215. Taylor-Papadimitriou, J., Lane, E.B., et al. (1983). Cell lineages and interactions in neoplastic expression in the human breast. In: Understanding Breast Cancer, Clinical and Laboratory Concepts. P. Furmanski. New York, Basel, Marcel Dekker, Inc,: pp. 215 246. Taylor-Papadimitriou, J., Stampfer, M., Bartek, J., Lewis, A., Boshell, M., Lane, E.B., Leigh, I.M. (1989). Keratin expression in human mammary epithelial cells cultured from normal and malignant tissue: relation to in vivo phenotypes and in uence of medium. J. Cell Sci. 94:403 13. Till, J. E., McCulloch, E.A., Siminovitch, L. (1964). A stochastic model of stem cell proliferation, based on the growth of spleen colony-forming cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 51:29 36. Villadsen, R. (2005). In search of a stem cell hierarchy in the human breast and its relevance to breast cancer evolution. Apmis 113:903 21. Villadsen, R., Fridriksdottir, A.J., Gudjonsson, T., Rank, F., R nnov-Jessen, L., LaBarge, M.A., Bissell, M.J., and Petersen, O.W. (2007). Evidence for a stem cell hierarchy in the adult human mammary gland. Journal of Cell Biology (In Press). Wagers, A. J. and I. L. Weissman (2004). Plasticity of adult stem cells. Cell 116:639 48. Wazer, D. E., Liu, X.L., Chu, Q., Gao, Q., Band, V. (1995). Immortalization of distinct human mammary epithelial cell types by human papilloma virus 16 E6 or E7. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 92:3687 91. Weaver, V.M., Lelievre, S., Lakins, J.N., Chrenek, M.A., Jones, J.C., Giancotti, F., Werb, Z., Bissell, M.J. (2002). 4 -Integrin-dependent formation of polarized three-dimensional architecture confers resistance to apoptosis in normal and malignant mammary epithelium. Cancer Cell 2:205 16. Welm, B. E., Tepera, S.B., Venezia, T., Graubert, T.A., Rosen, J.M., Goodell, M.A. (2002). Sca1(pos) cells in the mouse mammary gland represent an enriched progenitor cell population. Dev. Biol. 245:42 56.
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Figure 1.63 Illustration of conformational preferences of the conformational angle subtended about the C4 C5 bond. Each deoxynucleotide (or nucleotide) residue adopts either a +sc or ap conformation. The former is usually preferred but for exceptional circumstances.
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Creating Space Age Grids
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Scripts and Access Privileges
tContent.htmlText = <a href=\ javascript:void(alert( This is a message from Flash ));\ >click this text</a> ; ;
3. In the Album Viewable by pop-up menu, choose who you will allow to see the album:
You can use any of these methods to insert text fields in either Design view or Code view. When you insert a text field or most other form controls in Code view, the Tag Editor for the <input> tag opens automatically, enabling you to specify any attributes for the tag.
The rounded-corner text box was once the brass ring of HTML formatting.
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