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The SZ40 key had two components:
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pageHeight Perhaps the more useful of the height-based properties, the pageHeight property returns the height (in points) of actual printable area. Most printers can print to only a certain portion of the paper size, leaving a margin around the edges of the paper. For example, on an 8.5" 11" piece of paper, most printers can print only an area sized 8.17" 10.67". If you are trying to size output to the page, you should use this property over paperHeight. pageWidth As mentioned with the pageHeight property, this property is likely to be more useful to you than the paperWidth property. This property returns the width (in points) of the actual printable area on the paper.
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2 7 Invoking (2.85) and (1.99), we find .
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After you remove the bottom plastic cover, a metal bracket is revealed (see Figure 27-3). With rounded ends, four curved arms, and a bubble at the end of each arm, the metal bracket looks like a sculpture from a contemporary art gallery. But don t let its design fool you; the metal bracket is actually quite functional. The four curved arms are actually springs that provide tension to keep the bracket in place. Looking closely, you can see that the arms are clipped into recesses in the aluminum shell. The bubbles at the end of each arm are used to draw the arms out of the recession. With the right tool (a tweezers-like tool for two bubbles at each side of the bracket), you can remove the bracket fairly easy. With two such tools, you hardly have to do any work. All you have to do is put your tweezers into the two bubble holes, squeeze, and pop the bracket out.
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C:\Program Files\Netscape\ Programs\netscape.exe
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Use this option to ensure that every value entered in a particular field matches a value in that field in another record. Essentially, this is the opposite of the Unique value option and exists primarily for historical purposes from the days before Value Lists were introduced. When determining whether one entry matches another, FileMaker Pro ignores punctuation, capitalization, and word order.
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Armed with a Memory Stick and a PSP with an appropriate USB cable, the PSP can be used to save any sort of data file, ultimately becoming a very large thumb drive. The PSP ships with USB 2.0, so transferring your movies will happen at speeds (up to) 440 Mbps (megabits per second), and your capacity is only limited by the Memory Stick you have. If you don t want to carry a bunch of thumb drives, just take your PSP with you and a decent size Memory Stick Duo and you can play games and transfer files, without carrying any extra equipment. Here s what you need: A Memory Stick in your PSP s Memory Stick slot A USB to mini-USB cable (about $10 from any computer store; see Figure 3-12) A computer (Mac, PC, and Linux should work fine; no drivers required)
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planning and dimensioning, targeted service and/or application-speci c Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and forecasted traf c mix. Also, the personnel need to have access to the network and application performance KPI and measurement data in order to verify the effects of the provisioned QoS settings. This framework is illustrated in Figure 3.19.
Whatever is in the text field when this expression is evaluated will be returned with one character removed from the right. Similarly, when you have fields containing To Do list items in the form A: Don t forget your lunch! and you want to discard the first three characters and the trailing punctuation mark, you can accomplish that in a single stroke with the expression
Adjust Table Properties
1: About Flex 4
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scroll If the content is larger than its container, the user agent should contain the
Figure 6-5: Font sizes vary from 1 to 7.
pop-up menu in the Keep Options pane of the New Paragraph Styles or Paragraph Style Options dialog box. Note that if you apply a column break within a single-column text frame, InDesign considers the next frame in the story chain to be the next column. Likewise, if you apply a frame break within the sole text frame on a page, InDesign considers the next page that contains a frame in the story chain to be the next frame.
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