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Figure 32-3: Sound Forge s Normalize window enables you to preview the settings before you apply them to the audio clip.
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Part III Working with Databases
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Tip If you Ctrl+click (Command+click) a cell that is already selected, that cell is deselected regardless of the method you used to select the cell initially.
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Report Basics
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Exploiting Search Engines
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Dreamweaver offers 17 controls to choose from: n n n n n n n n n Recordset Menu Recordset Field Menu Editable Recordset Menu Editable Recordset Field Menu CF DataSource Menu Connection Menu Connection Table Menu Connection Column Menu Text Field n n n n n n n n Dynamic Text Field URL Text Field Numeric Text Field Recordset Fields Ordered List Text Field Comma Separated List List Menu Checkbox Radio Group
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Defining Calculation, Summary, and Global fields
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This query is similar to the previous query. The difference is that the cutoff date is not constant. Instead, it comes from the driving table. Using the cutoff date ensures that future information is not accidentally incorporated into the signature.
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Once upon a time, the body tag was optional. This is no longer true. code 39 generator in
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To apply keypress actions to your movies, you can place Key listeners that the movie will process when it loads. A sample of the code using the Key class is:
1 Introducing Dreamweaver MX 2004 2 A Dreamweaver Workflow Example 3 Touring Dreamweaver 4 Setting Your Preferences 5 Setting Up Sites and Servers
3: Working with Chart Series
to reobtain the information. As such the variance of MDS lookup cost is signi cant, depending on whether the data is expired or not approximately 2 s if expired and 0.2 to 0.5 s if cached. Here, we observe that both MDS and GRAM costs are independent of the network latency between the client and the server. The costs are not trivial, but we believe it is acceptable on the Grid since MDS query result is cached and reused, and remote executable once invoked can perform computation repeatedly without reinvocation. Figure 25.10 shows the data throughput difference between the clients and the server in both the LAN and WAN environments. For small-sized data, throughputs are more or less equivalent, while there is a signi cant difference for large-sized data. This is largely due to the startup overheads as described above. Overall, throughput is similar to that of FTP for large-sized data, demonstrating that Globus-I/O is reasonably ef cient for remote data transfer.
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