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Encoding PDF 417 in Java FIGURE 2.16

Natural gas often contains a high concentration (>2%) of CO2 , which makes it unsuitable for direct use as fuel gas. Conventional process for reducing this concentration to below 2% consists of absorption of CO2 in an amine solution. The amine solution is regenerated and recycled back into the process. The absorption is carried out at pressures in excess of 100 bar and with a gas/liquid volumetric ratio of about 2 : 1. Packed bed contactors operated in countercurrent mode are commonly used for this purpose. Although these towers provide maximum driving force for mass transfer, they can be bulky and heavy with dimensions 5 m diameter by 25 m high, depending on the feed rates. They are, therefore, less suitable for use on offshore platforms. Static mixers can be the favored choice because of the following advantages: Plug ow conditions are available with a large number of stages good radial mixing negligible axial mixing
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level at the data model. In this context, the transformative migration of a digital entity to a new encoding format is equivalent to wrapping the digital entity to create a new digital object. Once an abstraction level is chosen, software infrastructure is written to manage the associated mappings between protocols. The abstraction level typically maps from an original protocol to a current protocol. When new protocols are developed, the abstraction level must be modi ed to correctly interoperate with the new protocol. Both the migration approach and the emulation approach require that the chosen level of abstraction be migrated forward in time, as the underlying infrastructure evolves. The difference in approach between emulation and migration is mainly concerned with the choice of the desired level of abstraction. We can make the choice more concrete by explicitly de ning abstraction levels for data and knowledge. Similar abstraction levels can be de ned for information catalogs in information repositories. A Data Grid speci es virtualization services and a set of abstractions for interoperating with multiple types of storage systems. It is possible to de ne an abstraction for storage that encompasses le systems, databases, archives, Web sites, and essentially all types of storage systems, as shown in Figure 16.3. Abstraction levels differentiate between the digital entity and the infrastructure that is used to store or manipulate the digital entity. In Figure 16.3, this differentiation is
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back to the beginning. If you want to start playback from the point you chose, press the Play button on the camcorder immediately to prevent iDVD from winding the tape back.
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Property Data Type Description
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6 Accessing the Code Directly
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Entry Rhizobium legume Leguminous plants, ranging from arctic annuals to tropical trees Bacteria of the genus Rhizobium, Bradyrhizobium, and Azorhizobium
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1 when ( W A L L - X - L < = p i x - x ) and ( p i x - x < = W A L L - X - R ) e l s e
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You must quit and relaunch InDesign for any changes to plug-ins to take effect.
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when r e f r - t i c k = l e l s e
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Floating panel options group
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and clk='l') t h e n <= b t n c - f l a g - n e x t ; <= b t n s - f l a g - n e x t ;
Applying effects to photos
InDesign can now apply animation effects to objects, such as having them fly in from a side or dance in place. The Animation panel lets you specify the details of these animations, such as what triggers them to run, how long they run, and whether and how objects are rotated and scaled as their animation runs. InDesign lets you modify the motion path that animated objects follow using the same tools you use to modify regular paths. You can also convert paths and shapes into the motion paths that an animated object follows. The Timing panel lets you control when objects begin their animation, for those objects set to run when a page is loaded or clicked. You can also group such animated objects to control how often the group runs, letting you manage sequences of animated objects. Note that these animations are visible to users only if you export the InDesign layout to the Flash SWF format. You can preview these animations in InDesign using the Preview panel. The new Object States panel lets you create multistate objects, whose states can then be turned on and off using the Buttons panel s actions. This capability lets you create interactive galleries, quizzes, process flows, and other state-oriented presentations. It can also be used as a way to simulate the conditional text feature for objects when printing or exporting Web, PDF, and e-book files. InDesign can export entire layouts, specific pages, or selected objects to the Flash SWF animation format and to the Flash FLA project file format, keeping most of the interactive features in these files.
As I described earlier in this chapter, properties are bindable only if you explicitly mark them with the [Bindable] metadata tag. A property that s marked as bindable always broadcasts changes in its value to objects within the component. A property that s also marked as public broadcasts changes to the application or other module that instantiates the component. In Listing 5.4, a component has a bindable public variable named valueToDisplay. A Label control within the component displays the property s value.
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