Problems and limitations with data labels
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7. When you re done, click OK. 8. In the top row s first cell, enter the text Keywords. 9. Select the <td> tag from the Tag Selector and, then, from the Property inspector s Class list, choose formLabel. 10. Place your cursor in the second cell of the top row, and, from the Forms category of the Insert bar, choose Text Field. 11. With the text field still selected, enter searchField in the Property inspector s Name field. 12. Place your cursor in the second row, directly beneath the text field and, from the Insert bar, choose Button to add it to the page. 13. With the button selected, enter the term Search in the Property inspector s Value field.
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Figure 5-10: Examples of entity references you can use to present special characters on your Web pages.
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You can also use the asfunction directive to call custom functions. For example:
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Table 3-1 PSP media locations
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Part III: Mastering Illustrator
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10th percentile throughput (kbps)
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Text Fundamentals
This intensity pattern is similar to that which film would (more continuously) record, if exposed at the same location to the same combined physical disturbance. A hologram can be thus be computed as the magnitude squared sum of object point wavefronts and the collimated reference wave, at sampled increments of Ax in the z = 0 plane. Eliminating unwanted components of the dieacted field An improved computational approach becomes apparent if the intensity pattern above is separated into its object and reference contributions; this reveals an implicit functional composition:
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