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Not all Office documents are appropriate for converting to HTML. In some situations, it s best to leave the document in the original format and link to it from the Web page. Intranets where access to Word or Excel is practically guaranteed and lengthy documents are the norm are prime candidates for this type of design decision. Dreamweaver offers an easy way to make Office files Web accessible and gives you the option to use it as you see fit. You ve seen how a copy and paste operation from Word and/or Excel is relatively seamless. That s fine for material on the clipboard, but what about entire documents Dreamweaver permits such Microsoft Office documents to be dragged and dropped right onto the page. What happens next for Windows users depends on the settings in Preferences. In the Office Copy/Paste category, you have two basic options: insert the content (formatted according to the standard options) or create a link to the document. On the Macintosh, a link is always created. When an Office document is dragged onto the Web page (whether from the Files panel or the desktop), the Insert Document dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 8-12. If you opt to insert the file, Dreamweaver automatically converts the document according to the options selected. When you choose to create a link, a text link to the file is inserted. FIGURE 8-12
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Picture zooming
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Part III
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Two different Scribble effects result in two very different portraits.
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Working with multiple axes
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T I P If you are not skilled with developing SQL queries outside of the Microsoft Access program but need to query multiple tables for your Excel report, you could also create a view within the Access database that pulls only selected fields and records from a specified set of tables.
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Programming Excel with VBA
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In CorelDraw 6.0 and later, and in Adobe Illustrator 6.0 and later, be sure to set the EPS creation options to have no preview header. This keeps your files smaller. (In CorelDraw, export to EPS. In Illustrator 6.0 and later, save as Illustrator EPS. Note that Illustrator 5.x s native format is EPS, so don t look for an export or save-as option.) If you use transparency in your graphics, it s best to leave the files in Adobe Illustrator format rather than save them to EPS. 30 explains the issues in
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SELECT u.longlatval FROM ((SELECT latitude as longlatval FROM zipcensus zc ) UNION ALL
Part I Mastering the Flash Environment
See also: Lg, Log
iMac Portable Genius
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the mobiles. The inaccuracies in these measurements can cause errors in the DFCA CIR estimations and therefore degrade the performance. Each GSM handset must satisfy the minimum signal level measurement accuracy requirements that are stated in the GSM speci cations [9]. The absolute signal level accuracy requirement is 6 dB in both normal and extreme temperature conditions. If the signals are in the same frequency band and at least 14 dB over the MS reference sensitivity level then the relative signal level accuracy requirement is 2 dB. In these simulations, the occurrence of these errors is assumed to be normally distributed with 99% probability of the error being within the above-mentioned limits. The cumulative density functions of the errors are presented in Figure 9.18. The simulations were run assuming EFR users in a regular network layout. Figure 9.19 shows that DFCA is very robust against the impact of these measurement errors. In downlink performance, no difference can be noticed and in uplink the impact is hardly noticeable. DFCA never relies on the absolute reported signal level values. Instead, it always calculates the potential CIRs from each measurement report and uses them for the background CIR statistics and also as a direct input in the CIR estimation. This direct CIR calculation makes DFCA immune to the absolute MS measurement errors. Only relative
As with conditional formatting, using defined names gets around this problem (see Figure 7-6).
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