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If the results of choosing Object Paths Make Compound Path are not what you expected or want, you can undo the operation (choose Edit Undo or press +Z or Ctrl+Z). Paths often don t combine as expected because of how they are stacked; typically, an intervening object affects how InDesign combines the paths. To get a different result, try changing the stacking order and then choose Object Paths Make Compound Path again. To change an object s stacking order (to determine which path s attributes are used for the compound path), choose Object Arrange Send Backward or press +[ or Ctrl+[, or choose Object Arrange Bring Forward or press +] or Ctrl+]. ( 12 explains stacking order in more detail.) If frames that contain text and/or graphics are selected when you choose Make Compound Path, the resulting compound path retains the content of the frame that s closest to the bottom of the stacking order. If the bottommost frame doesn t have any content, the content text or graphic of the next highest nonempty frame is retained in the compound path. The content of all frames above the frame whose content is retained is removed.
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18-6.5 Cell Damage Due to Agitation Intensity in Microcarrier Cultures
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6.3 Structural information from X-ray diffraction
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The top line is the original, the second line has tracking set close, the third has tracking set apart, the fourth shows an example of kerning set close, and the last shows kerning set farther apart.
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q, the averaged density of active pins on c-wheels, and n, the average probability that a c-wheel rotates.
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Values: <padding-width>{1,4} | inherit Initial value: XX Applies to: All Inherited: No Percentages: Refer to width of containing block Media groups: visual
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3. The Data Merge panel now lists the data file and the fields it contains, as Figure 22.7 shows. 4. Click and drag the fields to the appropriate spots in your layout, or double-click a field name to insert it at the current text-insertion point. For example, in a form letter, you might click and drag the Name field to a point right after the text Dear and before the comma in the salutation. The field names are enclosed in French quotation marks ( ). In your layout, this would look like
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Omission of arms Transparency/X-ray drawings Human gure is de nitely recognizable Baseline appears consistently Mixed pro les (two eyes and one nose) Figures show no interaction (looking forward rather than at one another)
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Getting Selected Items
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Customer Purchases and Other Repeated Events
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Part VII Appendixes
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Part III
Figure 5-5: Once you ve selected your originating corner with the Rectangle tool, you can drag out a box shape in any direction, as indicated by the arrow.
Figure 13.6 shows an example of the Default preset option. In this case, the output is a black-andwhite image with no shading.
If the Transform effect doesn t come out quite the way you want, double-click the name of the effect in the Appearance panel to reopen the Transform Effect dialog box. Make any further changes you want and then click OK to modify the effect.
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