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The elements in an HTML document are related to each other in a hierarchical manner. The hierarchy follows the same nomenclature as family trees ancestors, parents, children, descendants, and siblings with the <html> tag as the root of the document tree. For example, consider the following, fairly simplistic document code. Figure 26-1 shows a document and its hierarchy.
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"Participants in P can run program A"
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While the XSLT Conditional Region object displays or doesn t display some code based on a single condition, the Multiple Conditional Region is much more flexible. Although the Multiple Conditional Region object initially tests a single condition, it provides alternative output leading to an either/or code output. For example, say again you wanted to test for the final item and note it as such when it appears, but you also wanted to display other text, that is, Next item:, until it appears. In this situation, your XSL code would look like this:
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Using a template to trace an image
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This line constructs links to the post s categories and comments, and constructs an editing link for logged-in users. I hope you can decipher the purpose of each bit of this line s template code without much problem. Here, you can insert a bit of HTML that will get appended to each blog entry as it s rendered out to the page. So, to add a handy Bookmark This link after each entry, you ll need this bit of template code:
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Purpose: The Set Selection script step lets you specify a portion of a field as the current selection (just like using the mouse to select text). If no field is selected, no selection is made.
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To find out how to create an array formula that returns a list of unique items in a range, refer to 18. The companion CD-ROM contains a workbook that demonstrates this technique. The file is named count unique.xlsx.
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Worksheet Functions That Return an Array
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about its own status within the game. A peer-to-peer game could include more than two players. However, the approach has some scalability problems as each MT needs to keep a connection with the other players and while that might be feasible if there are three other players on the game, it might pose a problem (in terms of memory, processing power, OS capabilities, etc.) if a terminal needs to keep up and attend to several dozens of connections. Server-based games tackle this problem by moving the scalability issues to a workstation located behind the mobile network. Thus, the mobiles only need to keep up with one single connection to the server. The requirements from the network perspective are more or less the same regardless of whether the game is being played as peer-to-peer or server-based. Another possible classification is based on the behavior and interactivity of the user with the game and with other players.
When you add a Library item to a page, you notice a number of immediate changes. As mentioned, the added Library item is highlighted. If you click anywhere on the item, the entire Library item is selected. Dreamweaver treats the entire Library item entry as an external object being linked to the current page. You cannot modify Library items directly on a page. For information about editing Library entries, see the section Editing a Library Item, later in this chapter. While the Library item is highlighted, notice that the Property inspector also changes. Instead of displaying the properties for the HTML object that is selected, the item is identified as a Library item, as shown in Figure 29-2. FIGURE 29-2
Filtering XML data with predicate expressions
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public s t a t i c String writeArray ( i n t A [ ] ) { S t r i n g B u f f e r s = new S t r i n g B u f f e r ( ) ; f o r ( i n t j = 0 ; j < A. 1engt.h ; j + t - ) " s.apperid(String .valiieOf(A[j]) r e t u r n new S t r i n g ( s . t.oStriiig
exporting to an HTML table. Figure 16-2 shows the table that this HTML code produces when viewed in a Web browser.
visibility: visible | hidden | collapse;
Now that you know how to set an interval for a function to be called, you probably want to know how to stop the function from being called. In other words, you want to know how to clear the interval. This is done very simply by calling the clearInterval() function, which takes a single parameter the ID for the interval that should be cleared. Remember that setInterval() returns an ID that can be used to point to the interval. This ID can then be used as a parameter for clearInterval() to clear the desired interval. The following code stops an interval for which the ID has been assigned to nTimerInterval.
n a world accustomed to being entertained by moving images 50 feet high, it s hard to understand why people are thrilled to see a grainy, jerky, quarterscreen-sized video on a Web page. And in truth, it s the promise of video on the Web, not the current state of it, that has folks excited. Many of the industry s major players, including Microsoft and Apple, are spending big bucks to bring that promise a little closer to reality. In the last number of years, video on the Web has truly come into its own. From online video s humble beginnings as a grainy, jerky, quarter-screen-sized moving image to the full-screen, high-fidelity movie-like imagery of today, video is an essential element for many Web sites. Adobe Flash video, QuickTime, RealVideo, and Windows Media Player are the most popular formats on the Web, and all are cross-platform. Video can be downloaded to the user and then automatically played with a helper application, or it can be streamed to the user so that it plays while it s downloading. This chapter describes the many different methods for incorporating video whether you re downloading an MPEG file or streaming a movie into your Web pages through Dreamweaver.
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