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Part II Producing Feeds
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A third category within the technology enablers segment includes profes sional services. This category includes consulting companies, system integrators, and solution vendors that provide professional services that enable or enhance the wireless experience. Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, one of the world s largest consulting firms with 60,000 employees in over 30 countries, assists clients all the way from formulating a mobile technology strategy to designing, developing, and deploying mobile and wireless technologies. CGE&Y has built full-scale pilots as part of the development of advanced business portals with a focus on finance-, travel-, retail-, and employee-centered systems. In addition, the firm has created and implemented a range of key corporate mobile applications, including mobile marketplaces, telecommunications solu tions, supply chain applications, telemetry, fleet management, job dis patching, and all aspects of CRM solutions. Other applications that CGE&Y has developed include those for use by the public in their own homes, such as mobile banking and brokering, payment, shopping, and advertising solutions. In addition to custom development and package implementations, CGE&Y is providing systems integration services. According to the Forrester Research, approximately 45 percent of the costs in e-commerce
New Database Definition dialog and Field options
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Finally, another lossy decision is made here. Feed entry summaries from the Atom format are extracted, discarding elements using its full content model. Also, many content extensions and conventions used by RSS feeds are ignored, such as <content:encoded/> and other means to include HTML/XHTML content and enclosures. You may want to think about ways to add handling of these bits of richer content into the normalization process as a future project. Next, in Listing 14-8, you can find an attempt to harvest links from feed entries.
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The root of a symmetry principle is the assumption that certain quantities are unobservable; this in turn implies an invariance under a related mathematical transformation, and the invariance under this transformation (if it is unitary, as is usually the case in quantum mechanics) implies a conservation law or selection rule. For example, the assumption that an absolute direction in space is not observable (isotropy of space) implies an invariance under transformations that rotate the system, and this in turn yields a conservation law for angular momentum. We discussed such conservation laws in terms of conserved Noether tensors in 52.8. Table 5.1 lists such relationships for some of the most important symmetries we will be encountering. In all cases, notice the relations among nonobservables, symmetry transformations, and conservation laws. Because symmetries play such an important role we need quantitative methods for dealing with them. The natural mathematical technique for analyzing symmetries is the theory of groups. Because of their importance in the material we are considering, particular attention will be devoted in the subsequent discussion to Lie groups and their associated Lie algebras (Georgi, 1982; Wybourne, 1974).
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