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Keep in mind that, because the category axis displays non-numeric data, Excel uses consecutive integers in place of the month names.
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20 Mastering Image Maps and Slices
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You cannot do anything to any part of an image that is not selected. Therefore, once you are done manipulating a selected region, you need to deselect to continue working on other parts of the image. You can deselect by either clicking in an unselected area with a selection tool, or by clicking Select Deselect, or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D ( +D).
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Figure 12-2: The left-sided navigation frame is common on the Web.
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The Basics of Reshaping Objects
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Class inheritance also is taken into account with custom components. If a custom component named MyComponent is extended from the VGroup or HGroup containers, it also would apply the inheritable styles declared in the Group selector.
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and the response matrix (7.27) is
File-Handling Procedures
n this chapter, you improve upon the simple feed aggregator you built in 2 and, among other things, enable it to provide you with regular email updates from your subscribed feeds.
The Line tool is used to draw edges that can subdivide or heal faces. Select the Line tool from the Large Toolset. Draw a line by selecting (left click) the first point, releasing the mouse, and then selecting a second point. You should notice that the Line tool is still active or elastic, meaning SketchUp is waiting for you to draw additional edges. Draw a second line, trying to keep it flat on the drawing surface. Draw a third line connecting to the open end of the first line. If drawn correctly, SketchUp will generate a face between all the lines (Fig. 2-11).
The preceding examples embed an existing workbook into a Word document. This section demonstrates how to create a new (empty) Excel object in Word, which is useful if you re creating a report and need to insert a table of values. If those values aren t available in an existing Excel workbook, you can embed a new Excel object and type them.
4. Restart Tomcat or whichever application server you re using. 5. Open a Web browser and navigate to this URL:
Competition will be fierce. Margins will fall. New m-Commerce applications offer new revenue streams.
After performing these steps, several commands will no longer be available when you right-click a sheet tab: Insert, Delete, Rename, Move or Copy, Hide, and Unhide. Be aware, however, that this is a very weak security measure. Cracking Excel s protection features is relatively easy. You can also make a sheet very hidden. A sheet that is very hidden doesn t appear in the Unhide dialog box. To make a sheet very hidden: 1. Activate the worksheet. 2. Choose Developer Controls Properties. The Properties dialog box, shown in the following figure, appears. (If the Developer tab isn t available, you can turn it on using the Popular tab of the Excel Options dialog box.) 3. In the Properties box, select the Visible option and choose 2 - xlSheetVeryHidden.
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