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Part III: Object Fundamentals
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// SYNTAX: TrimLeadingReturns ( text ) If( Left(text; 1) = ; TrimLeadingReturns(Right(text; Length(text) - 1)); text )
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GSM, GPRS and EDGE Performance
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When you load an SWF, everything within the container object is replaced. That is, the entire timeline of the instance is replaced. The majority of the appearance properties will retain their values, however. For example, _x, _y, _alpha, and so on, will remain the same as prior to the loading of the content. The exception to this is that you should not set the _height and _width properties of an empty MovieClip object until after the content has loaded. If you set the _height and _width properties of an empty MovieClip before the content has loaded, the content will not show. When you load an external SWF into a MovieClip object, the loaded contents will be aligned within the MovieClip object just as they were in the external SWF. But remember, the upperleft corner of the stage for the main timeline is 0,0. Therefore, when you load an external SWF
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FIGURE 3-12: In all modern browsers except Opera 7, you only see the child div.
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New Feature
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B FIGURE 17-2: The Tween command automatically generates frames to fill in gaps. In this example, six frames were added to make the ball slide across the frame.
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The Goldstone theorem and the paucity of massless scalar or pseudoscalar particles in nature would seem to preclude the use of spontaneous symmetry breaking in realistic quantum field theories. However, there is a loophole in this argument: the Goldstone theorem applies to any field theory obeying the normal postulates such as locality, Lorentz invariance, and positive definite norm on the Hilbert space. But gauge field theories do not fit into that category: there is no single gauge in which such theories simultaneously fulfill each of these conditions! For example, in Ch. 2 it was shown that the quantization of the electromagnetic field (the archetypical gauge field) is nontrivial. We chose to quantize in a manner sacrificing manifest Lorentz covariance; conversely, if the Maxwell field is quantized in a manifestly covariant fashion the notion of a positive definite metric must be sacrificed [see the Gupta-Bleuler mechanism below and the discussion in Ryder (1985), 54.41. Thus we are led to investigate whether the Goldstone theorem is operative in a theory possessing a local gauge invariance. We will find a remarkable result: there is an unexpected collusion between the massless gauge fields and the Goldstone bosons produced by the spontaneous symmetry breaking that can be arranged so as to eliminate the massless Goldstone bosons and give a mass to the gauge quanta without spoiling the gauge invariance or renormalizability of the theory. This (seemingly) miraculous state of affairs is called the Higgs mechanism (Higgs, 1964; Guralnik, Hagen, and Kibble, 1964; Englert and Brout, 1964; Anderson, 1963). The simplest example of the Higgs mechanism is the extension of the global U(1) symmetry just discussed to a local U(1) symmetry. This gauge-invariant lJ(1)theory is often called the Abelian Higgs Model. In the absence of spontaneous symmetry breaking it would describe the ordinary electrodynamics of charged scalars; when the symmetry is broken spontaneously it will describe something quite different. The Lagrangian density is (Quigg, 1983; Leader and Predazzi, 1982) (8.19) where X is positive and
4. Setting the jet velocity equal to 10 m/s, calculate the required nozzle diameter: D= Re (1.935 105 ) 1.2 10 3 Pa s = = 0.027 m U 850 kg/m3 10 m/s
(Yk : 1 5 k 5 N : z [ k ]5 y[k]) A (3j : 1 5 5 : 5 [ j ]< y [ j ] )
Figure 2-11: VLOOKUP examples
0.20 RPD = 0.18Fr 0.25 FlG
Pressure Discharge
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