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Table 19-1 (continued)
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19 Animating with Macromedia Flash
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Included in quenched approximation
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Part III: Object Fundamentals
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The sum of any two integers is an integer. The identity element 0 exists. An inverse exists for each element because -I I = 0. Ordinary addition of integers is obviously associative.
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example, if a user has the right to use sites A and B, the user should be able to use sites A and B together without requiring that A s and B s security administrators interact. Grid security solutions should also provide exible support for communication protection (e.g., control over the degree of protection, independent data unit protection for unreliable protocols, support for reliable transport protocols other than TCP) and enable stakeholder control over authorization decisions, including the ability to restrict the delegation of rights in various ways. Globus Toolkit: The Internet protocols listed above are used for communication. The public-key based Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI) protocols [27, 28] are used for authentication, communication protection, and authorization. GSI builds on and extends the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols [31] to address most of the issues listed above: in particular, single sign-on, delegation, integration with various local security solutions (including Kerberos [32]), and user-based trust relationships. X.509-format identity certi cates are used. Stakeholder control of authorization is supported via an authorization toolkit that allows resource owners to integrate local policies via a Generic Authorization and Access (GAA) control interface. Rich support for restricted delegation is not provided in the current toolkit release (v1.1.4) but has been demonstrated in prototypes. 6.4.3 Resource: Sharing single resources The Resource layer builds on Connectivity layer communication and authentication protocols to de ne protocols (and APIs and SDKs) for the secure negotiation, initiation, monitoring, control, accounting, and payment of sharing operations on individual resources. Resource layer implementations of these protocols call Fabric layer functions to access and control local resources. Resource layer protocols are concerned entirely with individual resources and hence ignore issues of global state and atomic actions across distributed collections; such issues are the concern of the Collective layer discussed next. Two primary classes of Resource layer protocols can be distinguished:
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Sharing Photos with Other PSP Users
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14 Calculations and Computations
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The OR statement is used when you want only one condition to match. For example, you want users that have a level of admin or mod. Think of this as an if..else for SQL.
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History management files
To nd the column k, containing the subcrib le, we use the observed separations between the subscribs contained in Table 2.24. Locating le in each of the seven values of k is carried out in Tables 2.27 to 2.33; in each instance, the table lists the implied transposition t. The nal row of each table gives any contradiction; for example, Table 2.27 lists D(n,g) S = 35, which violates the observed distance in Table 2.24. The letter g is a width N 7 subscrib of language twice in Example 2.3 and it is necessary to consider both of the positions of g. Table 2.32 shows that D(g,a) 35, which gives t (6, 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 2).
contained the family s financial records (you can minimize this possibility by giving the kids their own account that doesn t have access to your files), or a thief has walked off with the computer. Without a backup of your important data, you re back at square one. Because your data and layouts are important to you, FileMaker Pro provides several ways to make backup copies. In the event that something happens to the original file, you can use the backup copy to get the database up and running again. In addition to using the backup procedures provided by FileMaker Pro, you can make copies by using the Finder (Macintosh), Windows desktop, or a commercial backup program, such as Retrospect from EMC Dantz (www.dantz.com). In particular, you might want to make a backup copy of a file for the following reasons: As a general precaution against data loss caused by user error, hardware failure, or software problems (a crash, for example) When you re planning to make a major change to a database, such as deleting records or modifying a layout When you want to create a database template for someone else or for your own use You can make an exact duplicate of a database file (containing all the data and layouts) from the Finder/Windows desktop, using a commercial backup program, or from within FileMaker Pro. However, you can make templates (databases without data) only from within FileMaker Pro.
Part VII
Password Protecting Files
Adding Free-Floating Text to a Chart
The efficiency of a generic electric thruster was derived in 2. Since the beam current and ion energy in Hall thrusters are not directly measured as in ion thrusters, it is useful to develop an alternative expression for the efficiency that incorporates characteristics of Hall thruster discharges. Total efficiency is always defined as the jet power, which is the thrust times the exhaust velocity, divided by the total input power: (7.3-1) For any electric thruster, the exhaust velocity is given by Eq. (2.3-6), the Isp is given by Eq. (2.4-l), and the thrust is given by Eq. (2.3-1), which can be combined to give (7.3-2) The total efficiency is then (7.3-3)
Many pictures, particularly those made with digital cameras, need to have their color corrected. Digital cameras contain a sensor that sets the white balance on the photo, which varies depending
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