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Of course, there is no requirement that the maxlength value be larger than the size value. They could be set to the same number, which would mean that there would be no scrolling at all, but the text box could still be lled completely. The following code accomplishes this:
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< php require_once( Connections/connDBA.php ); >
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Qualitative Analysis of the House
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Figure 9.26. Performance with partial DFCA hopping capability
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111. Recommendations for National Highway Traffic
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To work with cross-references, you have two choices for their to locations. You can specify locations by adding text anchors in your documents using the hyperlinks destination feature described in the previous section and then selecting that text anchor in the New Cross-Reference dialog box. Or you can just choose from a list of paragraphs and make the cross-reference link to that selected paragraph in the New Cross-Reference dialog box. You open the New Cross-Reference dialog box, shown in Figure 22.3, by choosing Type Hyperlinks & Cross-References Insert Cross-Reference, by choosing Insert Cross-Reference from the Hyperlinks panel s flyout menu, or by clicking the Create New Cross-Reference iconic button at the bottom of the Hyperlinks panel. (To open the Hyperlinks panel, choose Window Interactive Hyperlinks or choose Window Type & Tables Cross-Reference.)
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Setting Up Follow Me Anchored Frames
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The best way to reset the current color is to click the In Gamut icon. The RGB or HSB values change so that the resulting color is well within CMYK color space. Another way to change the current color to CMYK color space is to choose CMYK from the Color panel s popup menu. If you want to change the color space of several objects or perhaps your entire document to CMYK, select the objects that you want to change and then choose Effect Colors Convert to CMYK. To change the whole document to a different color space, choose File Document Color Mode CMYK Color or RGB Color.
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Figure 10-2: The View Arrange Icons By submenu in Windows XP.
N A Worksheet object N A Chart object (a Chart sheet, not an embedded chart) N A Name object
60. Grid Web Services Workshop. (2001) https://gridport.npaci.edu/workshop/webserv01/agenda.html. 61. De Roure, D., Jennings, N. and Shadbolt, N. (2002) Research Agenda for the Semantic Grid: A Future e-Science Infrastructure. Edinburgh, UK: UK National eScience Center, www.semanticgrid.org. 62. Berners-Lee, T., Hendler, J. and Lassila, O. (2001) The semantic Web. Scienti c American, May 2001, 284(5) pp. 34 43. 63. Casanova, H. and Dongarra, J. (1997) NetSolve: A network server for solving computational science problems. International Journal of Supercomputer Applications and High Performance Computing, 11(3), 212 223. 64. Casanova, H., Dongarra, J., Johnson, C. and Miller, M. (1999) Application-speci c tools, in Foster, I. and Kesselman, C. (eds) The Grid: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure. San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, pp. 159 180. 65. Nakada, H., Sato, M. and Sekiguchi, S. (1999) Design and implementations of Ninf: Towards a global computing infrastructure. Future Generation Computing Systems, 15(5 6), 649 658. 66. JXTA, www.jxta.org. 67. Armstrong, R., Gannon, D., Geist, A., Keahey, K., Kohn, S., McInnes, L. and Parker, S. (1999) Toward a common component architecture for high performance scienti c computing. Proc. 8th IEEE Symp. on High Performance Distributed Computing, 1999. 68. Bramley, R. et al. (1998) Component architectures for distributed scienti c problem solving. IEEE Computational Science and Engineering, 5(2), 50 63. 69. Villacis, J. et al. (1999) CAT: A high performance, distributed component architecture toolkit for the grid. IEEE Intl. Symp. on High Performance Distributed Computing, 1999.
Customizing and Automating Illustrator
Let([x = 10; y = x * 7]; y / x)
You can add type to a document by simply clicking on the canvas and typing. You can edit text that has been added by either clicking on the text box with the Text tool or double-clicking it with the Pointer tool. You can change attributes of the text, such as the font face, for an entire block of text by selecting it with the Pointer tool and making the necessary adjustments on the Properties panel.
box. The Text Editor can then be opened by either selecting an existing block of text, choosing the Text tool and clicking the canvas to create a new text block, and then choosing Text Editor. Alternatively, if you already have a text block in your document, you can select it and then choose Text Editor.
26. Then, on the actions layer, add a stop(); action to frame 1. (This isn t really necessary, because Movie Clips play, once loaded, without relation to the Main Timeline and we only have one frame in our Main Timeline anyway; but for the sake of consistency, I always maintain an actions layer.)
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