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FIGURE 10.3 Setting up a single-row portal on the Inventory layout.
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def __cmp__(self, other): Reverse chronological order on modified date return cmp(other.data[ modified ], self.data[ modified ]) def __setitem__(self, name, val): Set a value in the feed entry dict. self.data[name] = val
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var oDynamicObject:Object = new Object(); oDynamicObject.dynamicMethod = function():Void { trace( Method invoked ); }; // Now, call the method. ODynamicObject.dynamicMethod(); Note Although several classes are dynamic, there are only a few for which it is considered a good practice to define custom properties and/or methods for instances. The Object class is one such example. As you ll read in subsequent chapters, the Object class is frequently used to make associative arrays, and thus it is valid to add custom properties to instances. The LoadVars and LocalConnection classes are two examples of other dynamic classes for which it is necessary to define custom properties and/or methods for instances. In those cases, it is an inherent part of how the classes work. However, while some other classes are dynamic, it is not generally considered a good practice to define custom properties and/or methods for instances. A common example is the MovieClip class. The MovieClip class is dynamic, and many programmers do add custom properties and methods to MovieClip instances. However, the code is generally much more scalable and much more readable when custom properties and methods are not added. If it seems necessary, there are likely better ways to accomplish the same thing. For example, if an object needs additional properties and/or methods, it is generally better to define a subclass of the class as described in this chapter.
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The resulting geometry for the transfer setup is illustrated below.
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As with layers, AutoCAD blocks import directly into SketchUp. Once they are imported, AutoCAD blocks instantly become SketchUp components (Fig. 16-10). This means that all versions of the block are now components; they can be edited to affect all the other similar blocks/ components in the model.
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Testing Your Movie with Server-Side Scripts
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var sEmail:String = new String( someone@someserver.com ); var reEmail:RegExp = new RegExp( ^([\\w\\-\\.]+) @(([\\w\\-]{2,}\\.)+[\\w\\-]{2,3})$ ); trace(reEmail.test(sEmail)); ;
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You may prefer to lay out your pivot table directly in the worksheet, using the PivotTable Field List toolbar. The technique closely resembles the one just described, because you still drag and drop fields. But in this case, you drag fields from the toolbar into the worksheet.
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Film negatives usually don t change drastically in size, but they can vary up to a few points on an 11-inch page. That distance is huge when a page has several abutting colors throughout. The change in a roll of film is almost always along the length of the roll, not along the width. The quality of the film is another factor that determines how much the film stretches or shrinks. Most strippers are quite aware of how temperature affects the size of negatives. A common stripper trick is to walk outside with a freshly processed negative during the colder months to shrink a negative that may have enlarged slightly during processing. Check with your service provider staff to see how long the processor is warmed before sending jobs through it. If the answer is less than an hour, the chemicals will not be at a consistent temperature, and negatives that are sent through too early will certainly change in size throughout the length of the job. Another question to ask is how often the chemicals are changed and the density checked from the imagesetter. Once a week is acceptable for a good-quality service provider, but the best ones change chemicals and check density once a day. The plates on a press can be misaligned by either an inexperienced press operator or a faulty press. An experienced press operator knows the press and what to do to get color plates to align properly. A faulty press is one where plates move during printing or aren t positioned correctly. An experienced press operator can determine how to compensate for a faulty press. No press is perfect, but some of the high-end presses are pretty darn close. Even on those presses, the likelihood that a job with colors that abut one another can print perfectly is not very great. If a job doesn t have some sort of trapping in it, it probably won t print perfectly, no matter how good the negatives, press, and press operator are.
var lcReceiver:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection(); lcReceiver.someMethod = function(){ trace( method called ); } lcReceiver.connect( aConnection );
2. Click the Photos button at the top if
To open a shared database as a guest, choose File Open (or press +O/Ctrl+O), click the Remote button in the file dialog that appears, select a host and a file from that host in the Open Remote File dialog (as shown in Figure 19-6), and then click Open. Only sharable files that a host has open appear in the Available Files list.
Output Fundamentals
On Linux systems, you can download either the ZIP file or the TAR/GZ file. The recent Linux operating system comes with built-in utilities to handle both. Use the unzip command to unpack ZIP files. Use the tar command to unpack TAR/GZ files. In the following example (the commands you type are in bold), I downloaded the archive into a directory called home (I used dir to show the contents of the directory). Then I issued the tar command to unpack the archive.
The quality-control protocols for PET cameras can be quite extensive and vary among
Declaring and playing effect classes
Hong et al. (2006) recently adopted an integrated approach to compare the effectiveness of four parametric and two nonparametric procedures for estimating species richness using a single 16S rRNA gene library from marine sediment. Their data consisted of >500 clones and >400 OTUs. Hong et al. (2006) argued that the validity of all prior estimation approaches was questionable. The investigators applied consistent, rigorous criteria (such as statistical goodness-of- t and minimized standard error) to all six statistical models. The study selected the Pareto parametric model as the most powerful means to evaluate their data set; the model estimated the total diversity the marine sediment to be 2434 542 bacterial species. Census taking will be discussed further in Section 6.7.
troubleshooting an Installation
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