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The HTML code for a drop-down menu uses the <select>. . .</select> tag pair surrounding a number of <option>. . .</option> tag pairs. Dreamweaver gives you a straightforward user interface for entering labels and values for the options on your menu. The menu item s label is what is displayed on the drop-down list; its value is what is sent to the server-side processor when this particular option is selected. To enter the labels and values for a drop-down menu or for a scrolling list follow these steps: 1. Select the menu for which you want to enter values. 2. From the List/Menu Property inspector, select the List Values button. The List Values dialog box appears (see Figure 14-8). 3. In the Item Label column, enter the label for the first item. Press the Tab key to move to the Value column.
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iMac Portable Genius
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Here s the browser compatibility chart for the Control Shockwave or Flash behavior:
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Analog Modems and Switched Access
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The effects of your choices appear in the Sample box on the right side of the dialog. 7. Click OK.
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Figure 14-10: Consolidate your Web site navigation through a jump menu. 5. To add additional jump menu items, select the Add (+) button and repeat Steps 3 and 4. 6. You can adjust the positioning of the items in the jump menu by selecting an item in the Menu Items list and using the up and down arrows to move it higher or lower. 7. From the Open URLs In list, pick the destination target for the page. Unless you re working in a frameset, you have only one option Main Window. When a Jump Menu object is added in a frameset, Dreamweaver displays all frame names, as well as Main Window, as options. 8. If you want, enter a unique name for the jump menu in the Menu Name field. 9. To add a button that activates the jump menu choice, select the Insert Go Button After Menu option. 10. To reset the menu selection to the top item after every jump, choose the Select First Item After URL Change. 11. Click OK when you re finished. Dreamweaver inserts the new jump menu with the appropriate linking code.
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That column number or selector can be adjusted by manual editing or through a conventional Excel formula. In fact, this is how the XY Scatter tool allows you to switch the data that is shown in the XY Scatter tool (see Figure 6-18). Now I want you to turn your attention to the presentation layer of the XY Scatter tool. You may have many data points to plot. Displaying labels for all of these data points will make for a very cluttered and hard to read chart. Instead, you may want the data description such as High Winds or Heavy Rains/Flooding to be displayed on the XY Scatter chart. Typing anything in the Comments column (column E) will make the label appear next to the data point on the Excel chart. If your comment has a colon in it, the comment will be prepended or appended at the end of the data label depending on whether the text appears before or after the colon. You can combine the types of annotations in one. For example, you might enter the comment Risky:Must Verify for the Cause described as Component. In this XY Scatter chart, the data label will appear as follows:
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$xml = < xml version=\ 1.0\ >\n<photos> ; for($i=0; $i < $nodeCount; $i++) { $farmID= getAttribute($xmlResponse->photos->photo[$i], farm ); $serverID= getAttribute($xmlResponse->photos->photo[$i], server ); $photoID= getAttribute($xmlResponse->photos->photo[$i], id ); $secret= getAttribute($xmlResponse->photos->photo[$i], secret ); $xml .= \t<photo> ; $xml .= \t\t<title><![CDATA[ . getAttribute($xmlResponse>photos ->photo[$i], title ) . ]]></title> ; $xml .= \t\t<thumb> . sprintf($flickrURLTemplate, $farmID, $serverID, $photoID, $secret) . </thumb> ; $xml .= </photo> ; }
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biotic reactions For the purposes of this book, biotic reactions are synonymous with biotransformation reactions. However, depending on the system of interest, biotic reactions may include uptake and metabolism of organic compounds by plants and animals. biotransformation A broad term signifying alteration of the molecular structure of a chemical by microbiological, usually enzymatic, catalysis. Alterations include those that increase (e.g., condensation reactions) and decrease (e.g., mineralization reactions) the number or complexity of intramolecular bonds. Reactions may be both intracellular and extracellular. Biotransformation of both organic and inorganic compounds may be catalyzed by microorganisms especially oxidation/reduction reactions that may alter the mobility of inorganic compounds. cometabolism Cometabolism is the fortuitous modi cation of one molecule by an enzyme which routinely acts on another (primary substrate) molecule. The primary substrate supports growth of microorganisms that produce one or more enzymes of low speci city that also act on the cometabolized substrate. The cometabolized substrate is usually altered only slightly and does not enter catabolic and anabolic pathways of the microbial cell. Therefore, the responsible organism does not bene t from cometabolic reactions. Microbial growth does not result and cometabolic reactions are not expected to accelerate. However, other organisms may be able to mineralize products of cometabolism. in situ biodegradation In Latin, in situ means in its original place . In situ biodegradation focuses on activating microbial processes for the destruction of environmental pollutants where they are found in the landscape. Mobilizing the pollutants away from the spill site for physical, chemical, or biological treatment in a reaction vessel (i.e., incinerator or bioreactor) is contrary to the de nition of in situ biodegradation. metabolic adaptation Metabolic adaptation is operationally de ned as an enhancement of biodegradation potential that follows exposure of a microbial community to the organic compounds of interest. The speci c mechanisms responsible for metabolic adaptation are seldom investigated, but they include enzyme induction, growth of biodegrading microorganisms, and genetic change. microbial metabolism This term has many commonalities with biotransformation , however the emphasis is upon an integration of physiological pathways and energy ow within an organism. Microbial metabolism is usually proven and explored using laboratory assays that contrast the alteration of organic compounds in the presence of live versus killed microbial cells. Metabolic pathways are discovered by identifying the sequential production of intermediary metabolites (and, ideally, the responsible enzymes and genes that encode those enzymes) produced as microorganisms act upon the compounds. mineralization Conversion of an organic molecule into its inorganic constituents (e.g., CO2, 2 NO3 , SO4 , PO3 ). Mineralization occurs when an organic compound is altered by central 4 catabolic cellular mechanisms. The responsible organism(s) typically bene t from mineralization and reactions thus, microbial growth is expected, and a substantial portion (~50%) of the carbon in the original organic molecule is usually incorporated into biomass. natural attenuation Generally refers to the physical, chemical, or biological processes which, under favorable conditions, lead to the reduction of mass, toxicity, mobility, volume, or concentration of organic contaminants in soil, sediment, and/or groundwater. The reduction takes place as a result of processes such as biological or chemical degradation, sorption, and others.
InDesign lets you combine several objects into a group. A group of objects behaves like a single object, which means that you can cut, copy, move, or modify all the objects in a group in a single operation. Groups have many uses. For example, you might create a group to:
Trying the Lens on EOS SLRs
Line-by-line analysis: Line 4 of the winMC onClipEvent (enterFrame) The second clip event uses enterFrame as the triggering event so this code will execute repeatedly. Line-by-line analysis: Line 5 of the winMC if (this.hitTest(_root.ball)) {
After you add an anchor point, you can hold down the or Ctrl key or switch to the Direct Selection tool and drag it or either of its direction handles to adjust the adjoining segments.
If the problem disappears, you can then replace the default Prefs with the saved files and reset any Preferences that were changed since you saved the Adobe Photoshop CS2 Settings folder. If the problem returns, as it can sometimes, revert to the default settings, customize them again and then resave the settings folder.
Part I The Fundamentals
Figure 15.6. Technology globalisation
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