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Animating Stuff
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Substituting the result of Equation 5-6 into Equation 5-4 yields Ecompton photon = Eincident photon [0.256 Eincident photon [(0.256 + Eincident photon )] 1 ] Ecompton photon = E2 incident photon [(Eincident photon + 0.256)] 1 (Eq. 5-7)
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Part I: Illustrator Basics
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Triggering Scripts with Events Hiding Scripts from Older Browsers
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There are three ways to open the Paragraph panel: Choose Type Paragraph, choose Window Type & Tables Paragraph, or press Option+ +T or Ctrl+Alt+T. The Paragraph panel can have two appearances: If you choose Hide Options from the popup menu, the Space Before, Space After, Drop Cap Number of Lines, Drop Cap One or More Characters, Hyphenate, Align to Baseline Grid, and Do Not Align to Baseline Grid controls are not shown. You can use the double-arrow iconic button to the left of the panel name to toggle among showing the panel title, the basic options, and all options. You can also use the Control panel s paragraph formatting options, shown in Figure 21.1. (Be sure to click the iconic button to get the paragraph options.) These controls mirror those in the Paragraph panel, and using them instead of the Paragraph panel can reduce screen clutter. If the Control panel is not visible (it almost always is), display it by choosing Window Control or pressing Option+ +6 or Ctrl+Alt+6. In both the Paragraph panel and the Control panel, several of the options have keyboard shortcuts.
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Working with Parameters in Excel Reports
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It s one of the basic challenges for Web site designers: If you re going to use all the most recent HTML tags and capabilities, you must also have a backup plan if some of them do not work properly. What happens when someone with a PDA Web browser visits your new site and can t see frames-based design What hap pens when your form is designed to exploit fieldset tags, but your third-world visitor doesn t have a computer that can run a modern Web browser The key is to know your target audience, and then plan for graceful degradation. If you re building a Web site for your company s internal use an Intranet in the jargon and by corporate decree everyone must run Internet Explorer 6.0, you can safely design for that browser. If you re building a Web site that s an informa tional source for Kenyan safari venues, however, or a site about hitchhiking through the Middle East, the chances of your having visitors with slower connections and older software go up significantly. It is well worth testing with those configurations before you say that you re done with your design.
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3. Modify the following settings in the Animate dialog box: Frames: The number of frames you want to include in the animation.
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Available only in Japanese for now, AdventurePlayer by From Software is the only official third-party PSP development solution that actually lets you create and share PSP games. While the game is limited to creating adventure games, you can create the games on a PC and just move them to any PSP that has the AdventurePlayer game inserted and play your games, similar to how the Lua Player runs Lua scripts. The games can also be shared among other AdventurePlayer users, building a network of available games for you to choose from and contribute to. You can find AdventurePlayer at, and you can usually find a copy for sale on eBay (unless, of course, you re in Japan, where you can just buy it at a store that sells PSP games). Even though the game is in Japanese, it runs on any PSP.
Your template will open as a regular .xls file, but when you save it, Excel will try to save it in the Templates folder and not the usual location where you keep your regular spreadsheet files. You need to navigate to your preferred directory; otherwise, you will end up with a lot of clutter and misplaced files!
This and (12.45) imply that qq = -qq, which means that on the surface
7: How Do I Set Up a Virtual Studio in GarageBand
striking each of the tube s dynodes. These are metal electrodes, each held at a progressively higher positive charge than the one before it. As an electron strikes a dynode, it knocks out two to four new electrons, each of which joins the progressively larger pulse of electrons cascading toward the anode at the end of the tube. In other words, for each electron entering a cascade of just three such dynodes, there will be between 23 and 43 electrons leaving; cascading against ten dynodes would yield between 210 and 410 electrons.
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