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Creating Formulas for Financial Applications
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Before the specific scripts and elements are described, take a closer look at the elements that make up a dynamic map. Previous examples have been dynamic when loading the XML, but the XML that was generated, although generated on the fly, was based on a static SQL statement pulling out every record from the table. For your dynamic example, the HTML file (and the JavaScript that supports it) will be the only component that you load. Everything else about the page will be based entirely on JavaScript loading XML and making modifications to the HTML and the Google Map. To start with, the database will be extended to show data about restaurants in towns and cities other than Grantham. Instead of initially showing Grantham on the map, the whole of the U.K. will be displayed instead, and a list of all the unique cities in the database will be listed in the information window on the right. That list of cities will need to be requested from the database. Once the database has returned a list of cities, the application will provide this list in a method that in turn triggers the JavaScript to list the restaurants from that specific city and display them in the same manner as before. In addition to the information window being triggered when the user clicks an information marker, you will also trigger the information window when the user clicks the restaurant name in the list (as opposed to moving the map to that marker). Finally, the user will be able to return to a list of the available cities. The entire process, and the interaction between the main HTML page and the server that provides the data to be used on the page, can be seen in Figure 9-5.
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A two-round DES characteristic of probability 14/64.
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FIGURE 5-1: The dialog box that appears when you use the modifier keys to launch Photoshop to replace the currents Prefs with factory default settings.
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Regular Expression Wildcard Characters
or this one for .NET:
GPRS (3 + 1 TSL) 0
In the AP Elements category of Preferences, you can predetermine the structure of the default Dreamweaver AP element.
You can easily set all your worksheet headers and footers simultaneously. The technique is to group select the worksheets. You hold down the Ctrl key and click each of the worksheet tabs you want to select. As the worksheets become grouped, the worksheet tabs change from gray to white. But you might find it too slow to click each individual worksheet tab. A quicker way to group select the worksheets is to hold down the Ctrl+Shift+PgDn keys. If your keyboard is set to auto-repeat, after a brief delay, sheet after sheet will be group selected. You can adjust your keyboard auto-repeat properties in the Windows Keyboard Control Panel. If you want to deselect a few of the many worksheet tabs, simply Ctrl+click the worksheet tab you want deselected. With your worksheets group selected, you can go ahead and set your headers and footers all in just one step.
Repeat the process in Experiment 10.7.5 for alternative design I1 discussedin Section 10.5.3.
How script commands function
one that is used for editing and re-recording of material, such as dubbing from one tape to another. Every time you play or record an analog tape, a little quality is lost. Some formats are less susceptible to this loss of quality, but issues such as generation loss are obvious with others.
The physical width has nothing to do with how much text can t into a text box. If you have a text box that s 30 characters wide and a visitor to your site enters 80 characters, the text box still takes the input. The text simply scrolls as it s entered (see Figure 15-5). The amount of text that can be input is unlimited. However, the processing program receiving the form s information may have an input size limitation. That s where the maxlength attribute comes into play.
It is important to understand that two Flash movies running on two different machines have no native ability to communicate with one another. Sometimes people will naturally assume that this is a possibility, but in order for this to be able to happen there must be additional infrastructure. This chapter describes how to do this using XMLSocket objects with a socket server.
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