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3 Customizing Your Environment
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PicoBlaze s instruction set is primarily for byte-oriented operations. Bit-oriented operations are frequently needed to control low-level I/O activities, such as testing, setting, and clearing a 1-bit flag signal. To manipulate a single bit, we first define a musk to isolate and preserve (i.e., mask) the unrelated bits and then apply the designated operation on the desired bits (i.e., unmasked bits). We can set, clear, and toggle (i.e., invert) some bits of a data byte by performing or, and, and xor instructions with a proper mask. The following code segment shows how to set, clear, and toggle the second LSB of the SO register:
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provided the classical Hamiltonian function is (2.135) where p is the momentum, A is the vector potential, and potential.
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If you ve ever created a transparent Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) with a light-colored background and then placed that GIF in a Web page with a dark background, you ve seen a graphic (no pun intended) example of the challenges of compositing transparent images. The edges of your image, where they meet the transparent color, are antialiased to either a light color or a dark color. Artifacts are visible when the image is placed over the opposite-colored background. The 8-bit alpha mask used in Fireworks and the PNG image format solves this problem, enabling you to composite transparent objects without worrying about the color of the objects on which you re placing them because transparency is specified for each and every pixel (see Figure 13-15). Typically, your Fireworks images have three 8-bit channels one for red, one for green, and one for blue resulting in a 24-bit RGB image that accurately describes every color that the human eye can see. When you add one more 8-bit grayscale channel to describe the levels of transparency the so-called alpha channel you get a 32-bit image (see Table 13-1) that describes exactly the same colors as the 24-bit image, but also knows where its transparent and translucent edges are.
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This chapter showed you how to design and format PivotTable reports using the powerful filtering, sorting, grouping, and summarizing tools and functions available in Excel. It assumed that you had already read s 2 and 3 or were at least familiar with the basic features and functions of PivotTable reports. I started with a review of the filtering tools, where I covered the numerous types of filters that are available. After that, I reviewed how inner and outer fields are used in a PivotTable report. Next, I covered how to sort and group items. Following that, I covered Calculated Fields, Calculated Items, and custom calculations.
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Overprinting of [Black] area
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SELECT (CASE WHEN CHARINDEX( # , address) > 0 OR CHARINDEX( apt. , LOWER(address)) > 0 OR CHARINDEX( apt , LOWER(address)) > 0 OR CHARINDEX( unit , LOWER(address)) > 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as hasapt, (CASE WHEN LEFT(REPLACE(UPPER(address), . , ), 6) = PO BOX
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Wrap Tag mode
$id = -1; if(isset($id)) { // sql call here, set id to a string, for some reason $id = user id ; } // more logic here if($id == -1) { // user not logged in } else { // user logged in }
18.2.1 The Case of the Larcenous Laundry (Fig. 18.3)
on computer screens. This family includes such fonts as Arial, Helvetica, and Verdana and is used in this book as the font family for headline text.
Figure 6.26 STM set up: Scanning of the surface takes place in the near eld regime in which piezoelectric drives Px and Py raster the STM tip across the surface of a sample. Piezo electric drive Pz ensures that the tip remains a short distance dT (a few A) from surface encouraging a tunnelling current, IT , to be established under the in uence of a tip to surface potential UT .
Beyond single characters, or repetitions of single characters, regular expressions incorporate the capability of finding or excluding ranges of characters. This feature is particularly useful when you re working with groups of names or titles. Ranges are specified in set brackets. A match is made when any one of the characters within the set brackets, not necessarily all the characters, is found. Descriptions of how to match character ranges with regular expressions can be found in Table 8-6.
When the HTML wrapper file instantiates Flash Player, it passes certain parameters in a params object:
also be edited much more extensively than if it were a line.
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