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The Windows XP boot logging option instructs Windows to create a text file that keeps track of the drivers and system services that load with the OS. If Windows fails to load, you can enter Safe Mode
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Displaying in Dreamweaver
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This choice assigns the VM volume (hard drive or partition) as the Scratch Disk for Photoshop.
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Moving on, key filters are analyzed and demonstrated. Of course, as stated earlier, not all the filters in the whole Filters menu and submenus are discussed in detail, but most of them are and you ll find enough detail to enable you to use any filter successfully.
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Using Action Buttons
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Like real-world desktops, XP desktops tend to gather clutter. No question, you use many of the items, but others often have a barely remembered (or no longer relevant) purpose. And also as with real-world desktops, you can improve the functionality of your XP Desktop by occasionally cleaning it up. First, you can delete any icon from the desktop by right-clicking it and choosing Delete or by highlighting the icon with your cursor and either pressing the Delete key or dragging the icon over the Recycle Bin icon and dropping it in.
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constantly feeling threatened and because you are unable to control your aggressive impulse to retaliate. Sigmund Freud and other early psychiatrists believed that if people didn t release their aggressive impulses, they would build up inside until they suddenly exploded in anger, wrecking havoc and possibly endangering others. Some therapists still believe this. But Freud was only partly right. Sometimes when aggression is ventilated, the desire to keep it going actually increases. This is particularly true for those with an aggressive anger style or an aggressive personality. In actuality, although the impulse is to get a release from the built-up tension by forcing the angry energy out, in a sense you may just be priming the pump. The more you ventilate your anger, the more anger you feel you need to ventilate. This is partly due to the fact that aggressive anger increases rather than decreases frustration. Many people report feeling better immediately after releasing their anger in an aggressive way. The instant release of pent-up energy feels like a relief. Unfortunately, the good feeling doesn t last very long. This is because aggression creates its own problems. It usually hurts other people, either emotionally or physically. Responding aggressively (e.g., yelling, throwing things, hitting walls, controlling, blaming) can hurt others feelings (e.g., when you snap at them or criticize the way they do something), damage self-esteem (e.g., when you put them down, call them names, blame them for making your life miserable), frighten them (e.g., when you throw things or put your st through a wall), or harm them physically (e.g., when you slap, hit, or punch others). As a result of being hurt by your aggressive action, other people may distance from you, reject you completely, or respond by physically assaulting you. In addition to hurting other people and risking being rejected or harmed yourself, by responding in an aggressive way you set yourself up to feel guilt and shame. If you hurt someone emotionally, you may feel guilty when you recognize the effects of your words or actions (your child looks at you with fear in his eyes, your wife cries herself to sleep and is unable to be physically close to you for days afterward). If you hurt someone physically, you will no doubt feel
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1. Choose File New to open the New Document dialog box, as shown in Figure 4-11. 2. In the New Document dialog, select the category of new document that you want to create: Blank Page, Blank Template, Page From Template, Page From Sample, or Other.
Figure 3-7: The Intel 440LX AGPset and the Pentium II processor.
Counting and summing cells Creating basic counting formulas Entering advanced counting formulas Using formulas for performing common summing tasks Adding conditional summing formulas using a single criterion Creating conditional summing formulas using multiple criteria
Follow these steps to add a password to a specific account: 1. Choose Start Control Panel and open the User Accounts utility. 2. Click the account for which you would like to add a password. 3. Click the Create a Password option. 4. In the appropriate fields (see Figure 24-3), type the password and then confirm that password by retyping it. 5. If you want to, type a phrase or word to use as a password hint. For example, if you typed Buffy1Slayer as your password, you may want to type best show ever as your password hint. 6. When you re finished, click the Create Password button.
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