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s operating systems go, Windows XP is neither particularly fast nor particularly slow. If you want pure speed, run good old MS-DOS on that souped-up Pentium IV on your desk; add Windows 3.1 if you need a graphical shell. If you want something truly slow, try Windows NT Server on an old notebook. Windows XP lies somewhere in between, with the speed of your processor and bus systems, hard drive(s), graphics card, and system memory determining how fast it can actually go. Then again, even the fastest system from a technical hardware standpoint is no good if you re clogging your system with unnecessary elements. This chapter offers nothing fancy, just a set of point-by-point guidelines on how to speed up Windows XP. I figured the last thing you needed was an extensive amount of text accompanying a chapter that was about speed, defeating the entire purpose before you even started. So here we go.
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7. Go back two steps in the History palette s timeline. You should now be at the point where the selection was first created with the lines showing under her eye. Drag the selection to the skin at the top of her head, and release the mouse button just as you did in Steps 5 and 6 above. 8. Before you do anything else, choose Edit Fade Patch Selection (Shift Command/Ctrl+F) to open the Fade dialog box. Move the slider to the left until you see just enough of the lines reappear to give the eye socket some shape, as shown in the fourth image in Figure 6.19.
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Starting to Work with VBA
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option [Close/Join/Width/Edit vertex/Fit/Spline/Decurve/Ltype gen/Reverse/ Undo]: prompt. The options are:
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The Adjustments panel is your one-stop shop to quickly click an adjustment layer over your image. I ve already introduced you to the icon in the Layers panel that allows you to add a fill or adjustment layer the half-black, half-white circle. The Adjustment panel is accessed with the same icon, as shown in Figure 12.2.
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Unless you want several different aspect ratios (such as 4x6 and 8x10), you want to crop your photo strictly to the area you want.
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Remember to also upload any files that you have hyperlinked to in your drawing.
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Running code sample 2.25 produces output 2.19. Notice that the initial spaces before the sentences are retained, which is why the second and third sentence are indented.
Lists are the primary structures that you work with while programming in AutoLISP. As you work in this chapter, you ll begin to understand the use of lists to modify objects (also called entities) in the AutoCAD database, and in a variety of other contexts with AutoLISP. AutoCAD represents all object data in a list that contains many smaller lists, but the lists are simple to use and manipulate.
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The Windows server installation of PHP5 running IIS is much simpler than on Unix, since it involves a precompiled binary rather than a source build. There are currently two choices of binary for Windows: the Installshield self-installer version and the manual zipfile. The self-installer may seem easier, but it has several limitations: It works only with IIS and Xitami Web servers; it provides only the CGI version rather than the module; it lacks automatic setup of extensions; and it is notably insecure. Any serious PHP installation on Windows will choose the manual installation instead. To start your installation, follow these steps: 1. Extract the binary archive using your unzip utility; C:\PHP is a common location. 2. Copy some .dll files from your PHP directory to your systems directory (usually C:\Winnt\System32). You need php5ts.dll for every case. You will also probably need to copy the file corresponding to your Web server module C:\PHP\Sapi\ php5isapi.dll. It s possible you will also need others from the dlls subfolder but start with the two mentioned above and add more if you need them. 3. Copy either php.ini-dist or php.ini-recommended (preferably the latter) to your Windows directory (C:\Winnt or C:\Winnt40), and rename it php.ini. Open this file in a text editor (for example, Notepad). Edit this file to get configuration directives; see the options listed in 30. We highly recommend new users set error reporting to E_ALL on their development machines at this point. For now, the most important thing is the doc_root directive under the Paths and Directories section make sure this matches your IIS Inetpub folder (or wherever you plan to serve out of). 4. Stop and restart the WWW service. Go to the Start menu Settings Control Panel Services. Scroll down the list to IIS Admin Service. Select it and click Stop. After it stops (the status message will inform you), select World Wide Web Publishing Service and click Start. Stopping and restarting the service from within Internet Service Manager (by right-clicking the globe icon) will not suffice. Since this is Windows, you may also wish to reboot.
The eld order in a query is irrelevant to how the data appears on a form or report. Normally, you ll arrange the controls on a form or report in response to user requirements. n
border that pops up whenever you select something just serves to block one s view and (ahem) drive one crazy. And yet, normally I don t want to deselect just so I can have a clear view of my image. Being able to hide the selection without deselecting is a bonus. Here s how: Press /Ctrl + H to hide the active selection boundary. Then press /Ctrl + H again to show the selection border again. (By the way, you can press /Ctrl + D to deselect.)
For this example, leave the default selection intact to preview the report. Click Finish and the report displays in Report view (see Figure 37-10).
and therefore,
Troubleshooting Overview
FIGURE 18.14
FIGURE 4.1 Type your ad copy in the fields, and be sure to use a real URL in the Display and Destination URL fields.
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