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If we introduce the vector and matrix quantities {Wi,F, } indicated above, then this y recursion can be rewritten more compactly as
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It s been a few pages since the printing terminology section of this chapter, so here s a quick recap: A duotone is a grayscale image printed with two inks. This technique expands the depth of the image by allowing additional shades for highlights, shadows, and midtones. If you ve seen a glossy magazine ad for perfume, designer clothing, a car, or just about any other overpriced commodity, you ve seen a duotone. Words like rich, luxurious, and palpable come to mind. Photoshop also enables you to add a third ink to create a tritone and a fourth ink to create a quadtone, so you can create those glossy, rich, luxurious photos.
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Substituting this expression into (6.25), we find that we now need to solve min b* R b 6
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8. Right-click and choose Exit to return to the command line. The original objects are still highlighted. 9. Use a large selection window to select all the new objects, including the small rectangle and circles in the middle. Everything (old and new) should be highlighted and display grips. 10. Pick the grip at 2, shown in Figure 10.40, to activate it. Right-click and choose Rotate from the shortcut menu. At the Specify rotation angle or [Base point/Copy/Undo/ Reference/eXit]: prompt, type 90 . This action rotates the model. 11. Pick the bottom-right grip to activate it. Right-click and choose Scale from the shortcut menu. At the Specify scale factor or [Base point/Copy/Undo/Reference/eXit]: prompt, type .5 . This action scales the model.
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16: Powering Ajax Pages with Spry
Output 3.3 Output of code sample 3.6.
Triggering Play by Clicking Another Object
Figure 24-9: Connecting a USB device to a USB port on a PC.
pathway) appeared as an attractive option for utilising large quantities of natural gas located far from consuming areas (stranded gas). In 2000, large projects were announced in Qatar, for producing liquid fuels from natural gas extracted from the North Dome eld, which is the biggest gas eld in the world. The Oryx GTL project has been initiated with the participation of Qatar Petroleum, of the South African company Sasol and the American company Chevron. A rst 34 000 barrels per day (around 1.7 Mt/year) unit has been built and started production in 2006. Other projects have been announced. If they are implemented, the resulting capacity would exceed 800 000 barrels per day for Qatar alone. The investments required are huge: more than 900 million US $ for the 34 000 barrels per day unit built by Oryx GTL and 1.3 billion US $ for a comparable unit built in Nigeria. Increasing costs for materials and manpower combined with the recent surge of the price of natural gas have contributed to a slowdown in operations. Nevertheless, the growth in demand for engine fuels should stimulate new investments in this area in the future. In the longer term, if the price of oil rises and remains high long enough, the production of synthetic fuels from coal (Coal to Liquids or CTL pathway) can be expected to increase also. China has already decided to move in that direction. The biggest mining company in China, Shenhua, is planning to produce 30 million tons a year (around 630 000 barrels per day) of synthetic fuels from coal by 2020. Other projects are considered, and if all these projects are implemented, China would produce within 15 years more than 70 million tons of synthetic fuels starting from 210 million tons of coal [87]. The production of synthetic fuels leads to comparatively large emissions of CO2, especially if coal is the feedstock. In the case of the CTL pathway, around half of the carbon used is emitted to the atmosphere in the form of CO2, while the other half remains contained in the liquid fuel which is produced. In the future industrial units producing synthetic fuels might become a source of very large CO2 emissions, unless the CO2 released is trapped and stored underground. Such an option can be considered for the very large units which are planned, but it will increase costs, which are already high. Synthetic fuels can also be produced from biomass (biomass to liquids or BTL pathway; cf. 6).
Apple was one of the first computer makers to embrace wireless technology, so Apple has had plenty of time to work the kinks out of wireless technology. OS X makes wireless network configuration as simple as possible. In most cases, you can simply select the AirPort connection in the network control panel and click the Connect button. You ll see the AirPort status display shown in Figure 7-7.
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5. In the Property inspector, change the Color to #AFC6FF and, in the middle of the first gray tab, enter SOLO. Click in the middle of the second gray tab and enter GROUPS. Click in the middle of the final tab and enter CONTACT. Now, it s time to do a little cleanup to make sure everything is aligned correctly. 6. Choose the Pointer tool. Click the first gray tab, press Shift, and select the text SOLO. From the Align panel, choose Align horizontal center and Align vertical center. Repeat with each of the two remaining gray tabs. Select the white tab and the text HOME and, from the Align panel, choose Align horizontal center (Figure 5-8).
3. The equation is said to be hyperbolic at z E c3 f A ( z ) has one negative and n - 1
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