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At rst glance, there seems little reason to use action buttons that simply move the slide show forward and backward. After all, isn t it just as easy to use the keyboard s Page Up and Page Down keys, or to click the left mouse button to advance to the next slide Well, yes, but if you use Kiosk mode, described later in the chapter, you cannot move from slide to slide using any of the conventional keyboard or mouse methods. The only thing the mouse can do is click on action buttons and hyperlinks.
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Caring for Your Memory Cards
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Figure 30-3: The Web Services Properties sheet.
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A = Standard deviation on stock portfolio = 20% B = Standard deviation on hedge fund = 20% A,B = Correlation between the stock portfolio and the hedge fund
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Figure 9-5: This screen shows detailed IP address information for your Mac.
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Large lists of metrics are available through associations and through Web searches. But having large lists of metrics can be overwhelming. What is important is selecting one of the critical few that will leverage your business and understanding the ramifications behind the metric. Some measures, such as employee contribution to a company, might seem simple, but they can actually be very complex. Others that seem difficult, such as customer satisfaction or employee engagement, can be easy. Here are two examples. First, let s examine a measure that looks easy but is actually complex. If you want to measure how employees contribute to stakeholders, you might use the often published Revenue per Full Time Employee Equivalent (FTE). When you begin to examine this metric, you realize it presents some problems. The revenue depends upon sales effectiveness, competitiveness in the marketplace, and the economy. And how can margin and the cost of capital be factored in Using FTEs in the divisor doesn t really make sense because different business models derive different value from employees at different levels. Perhaps a better metric would be Economic Value Added per Strategic Employee, where Economic Value Added could be defined as Net Operating Profit (Capital Cost of Capital)
drive, a CD-RW or DVD, or a network drive. If you want to save a bit of disk space, send the folder to a compressed folder first and then copy the zipped folder to the backup location. To copy files for backup purposes, use Windows Explorer by clicking Start, right-clicking on My Computer, and choosing Explore. In the double-pane interface, locate or create the folder you wish to copy the files to in the left-hand column; then, in the main window, click the files or folders you wish to copy. Right-click on the items (you can multiple-select and do this), and drag them to the backup folder, choosing Copy from the context menu. After Windows has finished copying, click on the backup folder to ensure that all the files are there.
Figure 14PFE-2
After completing the Layout Wizard, you now see your model in the viewport(s) that you created.
Proof: We restrict ourselves to real Hilbert spaces (see, e.g., [65]for the complex case). First let us prove the uniqueness: If there exist two elements u, E V such that U
gm2 '
l l l
- - PA03@+'.75V
The Table Alignment setting in the Table Properties dialog box affects the entire table with respect to the current left and right margins. If the table extends from the left margin to the right margin, which is the default for tables inserted in Word, then the alignment controls seemingly will have no effect. This makes it easy not to notice if they re changed. If you later narrow the table, its placement on the page might suddenly seem askew. That s the time to visit the Table Properties dialog box to see what s going on.
Why Does My Broadband Connection Seem Slow
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