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FIGURE 12.8 The Versions For dialog box within Photoshop. Note the Promote To Current Version button for promoting the selected earlier version to the current version.
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3.7.2 Per1 for Word Games
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For more information on using the Measuring tools, see 24.
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Learning tricks that work only with the marquee tools Using the Polygonal and Magnetic Lasso tools Working with the Magic Wand Getting to know the new Quick Selection tool Editing selection outlines using manual and automatic methods Using the new Refine Edge dialog box to fine-tune selections Examining the Feather command in-depth Moving and cloning selections and selection outlines Using Photoshop s pen tools Transforming selection outlines and paths independently of the image Painting along an open path Creating, saving, and exporting clipping paths
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The reformat command is used to reformat the floppy diskette to be used in the creation of a recovery diskette. Although the command may be executed remotely, local interaction is necessary because you need to place and remove the floppy diskette on the Nortel VPN Router. A sample output of the reformat command is as follows:
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The f o r statement loops over a block of code, as seen in code sample A.15. The number of iterations is determined by a counter (the variable $ i in the first example), or over a sequence of values like 0 . .9, or over the elements of an array. Finally, although a programmer may prefer either f o r or f oreach depending on the situation, these two statements are interchangeable.
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Today these credit unions have more than $1 billion in loans to businesses on their books. They want to increase this amount as quickly as possible by making more business loans. You can get in on this boom because few people know of the pressures credit unions have to make more profitable loans. To nd out if you can get your business loan from a credit union, take these easy steps: 1. Get a list of credit unions in your area. You can probably find them in your telephone book Yellow Pages under Credit Unions or on the Internet. IWS can supply a list of credit unions in your state for $25 per state, or free when you re a two-year or longer subscriber to one of our monthly newsletters. 2. Call (or write) a nearby credit union. Ask what you must do to become a member. You re usually required to open a savings account in the credit union by depositing $5 to $25. This is not a fee; you are free to withdraw the money any time you want to leave the credit union. But you must have an account with the credit union while you have a business loan from it. 3. Ask what types of business loans are available from the credit union. If the staff member answering the phone doesn t know whether business loans are made by the credit union, ask to speak to the manager. Business loans are so new with credit unions that not all staff members know about them. But the manager does. 4. If the credit union makes the type of business loan you re seeking, join the credit union and apply for your business loan. Joining is free and the credit union staff will be happy to work with you on your business loan. You ll nd that the staff at credit unions are friendly, helpful people. And if your loan makes sense and you have reasonably good credit, you have an excellent chance of being approved. Credit unions have fewer applicants than they d like to have!
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Follow these steps to add a new user with the Computer Management tool: 1. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu. 2. Click Performance and Maintenance. 3. Double-click the Administrative Tools icon, and choose Computer Management. (Note you can skip all three of the preceding steps by using Winlogo+R, compmgmt.msc. XP Home users: you may want to do this to see the other good stuff that is here, but you won t be able to do the next step; you are expected to use Control Panel Users Groups).
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where = diag{ 1 , 2 , . . . , n }. The main justi cation for employing weights wii is to provide self-normalization of the generalized variances of the output signals. Such self-normalization improves the performance of the network, especially if the signals are badly scaled, i.e., if the mixing matrix H is nearly singular. The idea behind algorithm (7.14) is the following. Suppose, we take the expectation of both sides of Eq. (7.14). If the entries of the matrix W(t) approach constants and if wij are smooth functions of time, the left side of the equation approaches zero. Hence the matrix [E{f [y(t)] gT [y(t)]} ] tends to zero. This means that the system achieves separation if, E{f (yi )g(yj )} = E{f (yi )}E{g(yj )} = 0, i.e., the output signals are mutually independent, provided E{f (yi )} = 0 or E{g(yi )} = 0) and E{f (yi )g(yi )} = i represent the self-normalization conditions. In practice, the expected values are not available and according to the stochastic approximation procedure, they are replaced by instantaneous or time-averaged values. The learning algorithm (7.12) (7.14) is very simple and relatively e cient for well-posed problems. However, the network shown in Fig. 7.1 (a) and the associated learning algorithms have several disadvantages; they require the inversion of a matrix (Eq. (7.4)) at every iteration, which is computationally ill-conditioned and time consuming. In addition, for the algorithm to work the number of outputs must be equal to the number of sensors and the number of sources. 7.1.4 Feed-forward Neural Network and Associated Learning Algorithms
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Edge basis functions: Assume an unconstrained mesh edge sJ with the endpoints z,, and x Z 2 .The global orientation of this edge can be defined, e.g., as the direction from the vertex with the lower index to the vertex with the greater index, i.e., sJ = z,,zz2 il < i 2 and s3 = x , , ~ , , if otherwise. We define an edge element patch S e ( j ) , (4.49) where
n Scale: Use this setting to increase or decrease the size of the pattern in the fill. Note that this doesn t change the size of the filled area; it merely changes the size of the pattern tiles that make up the fill. Click the arrow to the right of the Scale field to make a slider appear. Click and drag the slider to the left to make the pattern smaller; drag it to the right to stretch the pattern. You can also type a percentage value in the field; values range from 1 percent all the way up to 1000 percent, or ten times the original pattern size. n Link with Layer: Selecting this option causes the pattern to move with the layer mask when you move the mask around with the Move tool. If you prefer the pattern to remain fixed, deselect this option, and you can move the mask around without affecting the position of the pattern. Regardless of this setting, you can always move the pattern around independently of the layer mask by clicking and dragging in the document window while the Pattern Fill dialog box is open. n Snap to Origin: If you ve moved the pattern from its original position by dragging in the document window, click this button to reset the pattern s position back to its origin. n New icon: Click this icon to the right of the Pattern box to add the current pattern as a new preset.
type declarations: Because every XML document is capable of containing its own set of custom tags, a method for defining these tags must exist. Although a discussion of the formats of such document type declarations is beyond the scope of this book, it s helpful to know that such declarations can be made for elements, attributes, character entities, and notations. Notations refer to external binary data, such as GIFs, that are passed through the XML parser to the application.
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U = Al +Ao(I - U)-lA2.
7 Creating Transitions
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