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E-NLMS: Gaussian regressors without shift structure
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DATEDIF is a handy function that calculates the number of days, months, or years between two dates. The function takes three arguments: start_date, end_date, and a code that represents the time unit of interest. Here s an example of a formula that uses the DATEDIF function (it assumes that cells A1 and A2 contain dates). The formula returns the number of complete years between those two dates. =DATEDIF(A1,A2, y ) continued
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The third line, combined with the </chapters> tag on line 7, is used to enclose the information for an individual chapter. The <chapter> tag also includes the starttime parameter, which indicates where this chapter begins. The starttime parameter uses the HH:MM:SS.FF syntax, so you can specify an exact frame reference if you need a high degree of accuracy. If you don t need to be that exact, you can just use minutes and seconds, or even just seconds.
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FIGURE 15.5 The area of wrinkles on the right side is too large to handle with one application of the Patch tool. Break it down into smaller areas that fit more easily onto the cheek area that we re using for samples. In the first image, I selected one line and used the cheek area right beside it for sampling, shown in the second image.
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Strategic Performance with Balanced Scorecards
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FIGURE 8.19 The Export Layers To Files dialog box allows you to export each layer of your video to different files.
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The Color Emboss effect creates the same effect as Emboss (described next), except that it doesn t remove color.
A Quick Referesher on Design Issues and Terminology
You can view the filter mask on its own by Alt+clicking (Option+clicking on the Mac) the mask s thumbnail in the Layers palette. Alt/Option+click the thumbnail again to return to viewing the image. To view both mask and image at the same time, Alt+Shift+click (Option+Shift+click on the Mac) the mask thumbnail. The mask appears as a color overlay, much like working with the Quick Mask mode. To return to viewing just the image, Alt+Shift+click (Option+Shift+click on the Mac) the mask thumbnail again. To change the appearance of the mask s overlay, double-click the mask thumbnail. You can change the color of the overlay by clicking the Color box and choosing a color in the Color Picker dialog box that appears. You can also change the overlay s opacity setting using the Opacity box, which allows you to choose how much of the underlying image shows through the overlay. Values range from 0 percent (an invisible overlay) up to 100 percent (a solid overlay).
You can alternately add objects to any library group by opening a context menu on a selected object and choosing the Add to Library menu command. The Add Library Object dialog box opens where you can add a name and description, and choose the library where you want the object to be stored.
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The External References palette is designed to let you manage xrefs (as well as DWF, DWFx, DGN, and PDF underlays and images) from one place. I explain the features of the External References palette in Table 19.2. You access these features by right-clicking a reference and choosing from the shortcut menu. TABLE 19.2
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