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Another way to edit the custom dictionary is to open the file directly with a text editor. The custom dictionary is called sample.cus. To find sample.cus, choose Application Button Options, and click the File tab. Double-click Text Editor, Dictionary, and Font File Names. Then double-click Custom Dictionary File. Click the path list to view the location of sample.cus.
The implementation activities associated with risk range from selecting an appropriate implementation strategy, establishing a workable reward system, and filling resource requirements, to dealing with excessive market volatility, maintaining focus, exercising the appropriate leadership, and selecting the appropriate vendors. For example, in selecting the best implementation strategy, management must decide whether to attempt a corporate-wide implementation from the start or to experiment with a limited pilot program. The advantage of a pilot program is that there is limited risk in the event that the project fails, less financial exposure, and less disruption of the corporate culture. There s also the advantage of being able to select the department or division most likely to be receptive to the change. Doing this maximizes the odds of success because the successful experience serves as an illustration to others in the company of the advantages of embracing Knowledge Management.
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