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Using Layers in Real-World Situations
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7 Passing Information between Pages
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n Creative sharpening is used to fine-tune an image creatively by selectively sharpening, or blurring, selected areas of the image. When I use the term sharpening here, I am also referring to its opposite, blurring, which is the lack of sharpness. Creative sharpening is used to blur the background around a subject, as you saw in Figure 13.1. Creative sharpening also can be used to sharpen only the eyes in a portrait. The main thing to understand about creative sharpening is that its effect is relative to the rest of the image. The goal isn t to make part of the image perfectly sharp. The goal is to make part of the image stand out better from its surroundings by sharpening it or blurring the detail surrounding it. n Output sharpening is overall sharpening that s designed to prepare an image for output, such as printing or onscreen viewing. This sharpening is applied to the entire image with the intent of getting it ready for a particular output option. One of the things to understand here is that size matters. A file that s being prepared for printing as a 5 7 requires a completely different sharpening scenario than the same file being prepared for a 16 20. The 5 7 would look great, but the 16 20 would not be sharp enough.
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5. Intentional overcharges by vendors 6. Intentional overstatement of assets used to secure finance
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FIGURE 14.19 The Channels palette contains an alpha channel created with a selection, and one created by duplicating a color channel.
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Courtesy of Lockheed Martin
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diagnostic testing of PCs
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If you want to selectively import comments, you can filter the imported comments by selecting the Apply Custom Filters to Comments radio button in the Import Comments from Acrobat wizard pane shown in Figure 8.9. Click this radio button and click continue to open the Filter Comments pane shown in Figure 8.13. In the Filter Comments pane you can select comments by authors you want to import, types of comments to import, and comments by status. Make the selections you want for importing comments and click OK. The comments are imported into the Word file and the Successful Import dialog box opens where you can view the list of those comments imported.
Settings: This allows you to save the current settings as a preset filter and select it later. This allows you to perform the same filter on several images to correct similar blurring caused by lens or camera issues. You also can delete a preset filter by clicking the trash can. Amount: This specifies the amount used to increase the contrast of the pixels in the neighborhood when sharpening. A greater value here creates a more dramatic sharpening effect in the image. Radius: This specifies the size of the neighborhood to use when calculating whether a pixel matches the surrounding pixels. This value also is used to determine the size of the area affected by the Smart Sharpen filter. A greater radius means that a larger area of the image is affected by the sharpening, so the edge transitions are more gradual. A smaller radius means that fewer pixels are affected, so the edge transitions are more abrupt. Remove: This specifies the type of blur you are trying to remove from the image. You can specify Gaussian, Lens, or Motion. Gaussian Blurs are introduced into images when you make image adjustments such as noise reduction or image resizing. Lens Blurs are introduced in the image due to focus problems. Motion problems are introduced into images by either camera or subject motion. Angle: This allows you to select the angle of motion when you select the Motion option in the Remove setting. This gives Photoshop an idea of the motion of the target in the image and allows the algorithms to be much more aggressive in fixing motion blur. More Accurate: When you select the More Accurate option, Photoshop takes much more time processing the Smart Sharpen filter, but it gives you a much better sharpening effect.
(b) Use the result of Lemma A.3 to show that E / / u / I 2leal2 = ( M notation 11 11 denotes the Euclidean norm of its argument.
The Adjustment Brush provides the ability to make targeted adjustments to only the areas in your image that need them. Camera Raw does this by creating a mask over everything but the selected areas and making adjustments over that mask, similar to the way adjustment layers work inside Photoshop. Selecting the Adjustment Brush opens the Adjustment Brush panel and sets the Mask option to New, as shown in Figure 8.28. The Adjustment Brush works differently from anything in Photoshop, using pins instead of layers to mark each adjustment. The number of adjustments made depends entirely on how you use the Mask options.
Kulp, K. & Ponte, J.G. (2000) Handbook of Cereal Science and Technology, 2nd edn. New York: Marcel Dekker. Spicher, G. & Br mmer, J.-M. (1995) Baked goods. In Biotechnology, 2nd edn, vol. 9, Enzymes, Biomass, Food and Feed (eds H.-J. Rehm & G. Reed), pp. 241 319. Weinheim: VCH. Stauffer, C.E., ed. (1990) Functional Additives of Bakery Foods. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.
The most frequent word is und (and), which is also common in English (for example, see output 3.21, which shows that and is the second most frequent word in Dickens s A Christmas Carol). Second most frequent is ich ( I ) . The first part of the novel is written as a series of letters from Werther (the protagonist) to his close friend Wilhelm, so it is not surprising that the first-person, singular pronoun is used quite often. The most common word in English is the, and this is true in German, too. In fact, output 9.6 also shows that this is true in spite of the und at the top of the list. This happens
The role of hydrogen
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