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MEMORY THEORISTS We now discuss two people of importance to memory theory, both quite in uential, but for different reasons, controversial. Richard Semon A memory theorist from the past, Richard Semon (1859 1918), thought that existing vocabulary was inadequate to describe memory and so coined his own terms, as described below. Semon was controversial because of his terms and for other reasons. Semon s background was in biology, not psychology, the bailiwick of memory theory; also, he was divorced. As the worst gaffe of all, Semon claimed that memories can be inherited (the concept of genetic memory and DNA had not yet developed very far). For these reasons he was controversial. Semon referred to the remembered impression as an engram, and proposed that it changes over time. Engrams brought forth to short-term memory depend on what it is important to remember. Important engrams come forth, unimportant ones are ignored. This phenomenon he termed the direction of attention. Another version was the use of the term stream of consciousness by the American philosopher William James (1842 1910). The term is colorful and has been used to explain human behavior and literary styles. But using the word consciousness refers to something that really needs proof of existence. The existence of consciousness usually means something beyond mere shortterm memory, often with religious meanings. It is important to de ne what is meant by special terms such as direction of attention and stream of consciousness. The process of bringing forth engrams was called ecphory by Semon. Semon claimed that a memory can change during ecphory. Things are added and subtracted, depending on what is convenient, as in serial reproduction. Subsequently, the augmented memory is then committed as a new, refreshed
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If you have Windows Vista, the sharing process is similar to that of Windows 7 without a Homegroup. Follow these steps: 1. From any le management window, right-click the folder or drive to be shared and choose Share. 2. Do any of the following: To share with a particular user who has a user account and password, enter that user s name and click Add. To share with everyone, type Everyone and click Add, as shown in Figure 23-7.
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In the case of piecewise-constant parameters y and f we can substitute for V x E from Faraday s law (7.4) and for B from the constitutive relation (7.8) to obtain
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where f2.z is the (forward) a posteriori error vector that results from projecting X O , ~ onto
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Polar Coordinates can create a variety of unusual effects by changing the clip s X and Y coordinates to polar coordinates. In the polar coordinate system the X and Y coordinates are distances radiating out of a focal point. Using this effect, you can transform a line into a half circle or horseshoe shape. In the Effects Controls palette, the Interpolation slider controls the amount of the distortion. 0% provides no distortion; 100 % provides the most. In the Type of Conversion pop-up menu, Rect to Polar converts horizontal coordinates to Polar; Polar to Rect converts polar coordinates to rectangular ones.
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FIGURE 3.8 When you click the Workflow Options hyperlink in ACR, a dialog box opens that allows you to determine the type of file that opens in Photoshop.
To remove a keyboard shortcut, right-click the shortcut in the Shortcut Keys section of the Customize User Interface Editor and choose Delete. Confirm the deletion.
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Array covariance form. By combining the just derived array forms for the measurement- and time-
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FIGURE 33.58 With the cursor in the static text field, select Insert Current Date/Time.
FIGURE 6.16 The Brush pop-up menu for the Healing brush is different than the Clone Stamp s pop-up menu. The main thing that s missing is an opacity slider.
As users establish user tunnels to the Nortel VPN Router, they require an assigned IP address to allow them to be able to route IP traffic to and from their PC to the Private LAN behind the Nortel VPN Router. Depending on the size of the user base, using a VPN Client to tunnel to the Nortel VPN Router makes dynamic address allocation more desirable than statically assigning a user to a particular IP address. Although static IP address assignment is easy to accomplish, it can become a tedious task to keep track of addresses as they are assigned and retired. There two methods of dynamically assigning user IP address on the Nortel VPN Router: DHCP and Address Pool.
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