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For more information on inserting pages in PDF files, see 16.
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Although most designers and developers working with application servers will prefer to work with XSLT fragments, they do have the option to use full XSLT pages. One advantage to taking the full page approach is that it allows for complete separation between the server-side code and the presentation code; organizations that deploy strictly divided Web teams may find this useful. Server-side XSL transformations suffer almost none of the drawbacks seen with client-side transformation:
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Setting Up the Work Environment
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3. Give the Strategic Theme Teams a written set of rules for writing their brainstorming notes:
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where P is the thermodynamic pressure and p is the chemical potential. The GibbsDuhem relation (A. 1 1) becomes
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N OT E Most routers can be configured to support bridging and can, therefore, be used as a bridge to join collision domains into a broadcast domain.
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4 .6 Revisit the exact anal ys is of the inven ing configurati on in Section 4. 3. (a) Find an expression for th e gain if Rin
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In the Animation Pane, you can choose from three settings for a clip to play: Start On Click: Sets up a trigger animation so that the sound plays when you click its icon. Start After Previous: Plays the sound automatically after the previous animation (if any). For this to work, Automatically must be set for the start value on the Audio tools Playback tab. Start With Previous: Plays the sound simultaneously with the previous animation (if any). For this to work, Automatically must be set for the start value on the Audio tools Playback tab. If there are no other animated events on the slide, the previous event is the slide itself appearing, and the effect is identical to Start After Previous. The difference is apparent only if you have multiple animation events on the slide; this setting enables you to synchronize multiple events to occur simultaneously. 18 covers this in more detail. To change a sound clip s setting, follow these steps: 1. Right-click the clip s name on the Animation Pane. A menu opens. (The same menu opens if you point at the clip s name and then click the arrow button that appears on it.) 2. Click the desired Start setting. See Figure 16-7. When specifying a start point on the Audio Tools Playback tab, choosing On Click starts the sound le when you click the mouse anywhere on the slide, even if you do not click the sound icon itself. If you want the sound to play only when the sound icon is clicked (the default when you insert a sound), make sure that a trigger is set up for it. To check this out, right-click the sound s entry in the Animation pane and choose Timing from the menu shown in Figure 16-7. Then in the Play Audio dialog box, click Triggers, select the Start Effect on Click Of option button, and make sure that the sound icon is chosen from the drop-down list. See Figure 16-8.
For the purposes of this book you re not concerned with the other working spaces in this dialog box (CMYK, Gray, and Spot), so leave them as they are. The reason I encourage people to con gure the Color Settings dialog box by initially selecting North American Prepress 2 is because this setting checks all the boxes under Pro le Mismatches and Missing Pro les. When these boxes are checked and Photoshop nds a discrepancy between the color space you re using and the color space of a le you re opening, which is called a pro le mismatch, it refers to the Color Management Policies boxes to resolve the con ict.
A PDF Package keeps your presentation and form together at all times.
3: Mastering Fundamental Operations
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Using the Level Adjustment tool, you can adjust the levels of color channels to change the color composition and bring detail back to images. White eyedropper Gray eyedropper Black eyedropper Presets
The Fade Scissors tool cuts the Opacity Rubberband, enabling you to move just a section of the rubberband line completely separate from the rest. Here s how to use this tool: 1. To try out the Fade Scissors tool, start with an Opacity Rubberband line (fade line) that has only a beginning and ending handle. If handles appear on the fade line, use the Selection tool to click a handle and drag outside the fade area to delete it. 2. Select the Fade Scissors tool, if it is not selected. Press C on your keyboard until the Fade Scissors tool appears in the Timeline tool palette. 3. Move the Fade Scissors tool to the middle of the fade line and click. Notice that the Fade Scissors tool creates two handles side by side. If you want, you can use the Selection tool to move the two handles apart. 4. To move the fade line, switch from the Fade Scissors tool to the Fade Adjustment tool. Press U on your keyboard until the Fade Adjustment tool appears. 5. Move the Fade Adjustment tool toward the fade line. Place it to the right of the start of the fade line and to the left of the handle you made with the Fade Scissors tool. 6. Now, click and drag the fade line down. Notice that only the line between the start of the fade line and scissors handle moves, as shown in Figure 12-10. The line moves at a constant percentage. 7. Try using the Selection tool to the drag the fade line. Switch to the Selection tool by pressing V on your keyboard.
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After loading, test the function, as follows:
Unlike in some earlier versions of PowerPoint, drawings stay with a slide, even when you move to another slide.
The bottom group of options in the dialog box works as follows: n Convert Photoshop Layers to Objects (only available if Link is not selected in the Place dialog box): This option attempts to convert each Photoshop layer to a corresponding Illustrator object. Type layers are retained as editable text where possible, and each converted Photoshop layer is placed on its own Illustrator layer. Illustrator also groups all the imported objects together. Where it can t reproduce the exact effect of one or more Photoshop layers, Illustrator merges and/or rasterizes the affected layers. n Flatten Photoshop Layers to a Single Image: Select this option, and your layered Photoshop document gets flattened into a single Illustrator object. (If you re linking your Photoshop document rather than embedding it, this option is automatically selected, because you re always working with a flattened composite image.) n Import Hidden Layers (only available if Convert Photoshop Layers to Objects is selected): When selected, any nonvisible layers in the Photoshop file are imported along with the visible layers.
Figure 11.13: BER performance and the percentage of symbols not requiring equalization by the reduced-complexity RBF TEQ using detected decision feedback over the three-path Gaussian channel having a z-domain transfer function of F ( z ) = 0 . 5 7 7 3 f 0 . 5 7 7 3 ~ ~ ~ 0 . 5 7 7 3 for~BPSK. The ~ ~ LLR magnitude threshold, the log-likelihood gradient and the
To quickly access templates you have previously used, choose Recent Templates, and then double-click the template to reuse. To remove an item from the Recently Used Templates list, right-click the item and choose Remove Template. To clear the whole list at once, right-click any entry and choose Remove All Recent Templates.
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