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To access the Properties window for any device, either highlight the device in the Device Manager tree and click the Properties button or right-click the device name in the tree and choose Properties from the pop-up menu that appears.
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Once we feel that the other person hears us, understands us, and feels for us, we are often able to let go of our anger. But if we feel that the other person does not hear us, we are likely to remain angry or even to become angrier. If you really want to resolve a conflict with someone, the most important thing you can do is listen carefully as she tells you why she is angry. Don t argue with her, don t cut her off, and don t become defensive or put her down for being angry. Just hear her out. The following attitudes and skills will help you to become a better listener: 1. Listen actively. An active listener is interested and concerned about what the other person is saying and what he or she is feeling. If you only pretend to listen, you won t fool anyone and will create feelings of anger and mistrust. In order to really hear what the other person is saying, stop all other activities and focus all your energy on the other person. Make eye contact if possible and nod occasionally to show that you hear and understand what is being said. Assume the other person has good intentions. The effective listener assumes the other person has good intentions as opposed to viewing the other person as an enemy. He assumes the other person has a reason to be upset, and although he may not like the way the other person is acting, he does not assume she is a bad person. Listen with neutrality. In order to fully understand the person and the reasons for the conflict, listen with a neutrality that suspends all critical judgment. Listen from a place of curiosity. Try to convey the message, I respect you. Your thoughts and feelings are important to me, whether or not I agree with them. Put yourself in the other person s place. It is important to be able to put yourself in the other person s place to empathize with her. When people are angry, they want us to truly understand why they are upset; they want us to be able to see
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What is your level of skill in computer photo editing
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This section contains a step-by-step example of creating a chart and applying some customizations. If you ve never created a chart, this is a good opportunity to get a feel for how it works. Figure 18-4 shows a worksheet with a range of data. This data is customer survey results by month, broken down by customers in three age groups. In this case, the data resides in a table (created by choosing Insert Tables Table), but that s not a requirement to create a chart.
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The Select File Containing Form Data dialog box opens. Select the files you want to combine together and click Select. When you return to the Export Data From Multiple Forms dialog box, the files you selected are shown in a window as you can see in Figure 35.12. Click Export. Name and save the file. When you click the Export button in the Export Data From Multiple Forms dialog box, the Select Folder to Save File dialog box opens. In this dialog box you locate a target folder and type a name for your file. By default the name provided in the File name text box is report. Edit the name and type a descriptive name for the file you save. Click Export. View the file. In a very short time the Export Progress dialog box opens. Click the View File Now button and Microsoft Excel is launched displaying the merged data as shown in Figure 35.13. FIGURE 35.12 Selected files are shown in the Export Data From Multiple Forms dialog box.
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Manage construction stakeholders effectively Formalize stakeholder analysis (SA) Strengthen stakeholders relationships (SR) Sustain stakeholders commitment (SC) Increase stakeholders satisfaction (SS
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chapter 3 Type I Governing: Fiduciary
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FIGURE 1.37 Toolbars docked in the Toolbar Well include the A) File toolbar, B) Select & Zoom toolbar, C) Advanced Editing toolbar, D) Edit toolbar, E) Comment & Markup toolbar, and F) the Properties Bar.
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A simple way to create a 3D object is to start with a 2D object and extrude it (thrust it out). In AutoCAD, extruding refers to creating a 3D object from a 2D object. Two commands, TABSURF and EXTRUDE, allow you to extrude 2D objects to create surfaces.
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Image Management
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The specialty folders within My Documents My Pictures, My Music, and My Videos have already been configured as templates: Pictures, Music, and Video, respectively. You can t change those folders, but you can add your own of each of those types and more to your folder collection. Once again, customization helps you create a tailored interface. You can customize these folders in three other ways from the Properties dialog box. If you want to base all subfolders within this folder on the same folder template, check the Also Apply This Template to All Subfolders option. Furthermore, at the bottom of the Properties dialog box, you can choose the folder s icon by clicking the Change Icon button and scrolling through the resulting icon collection, as shown in Figure 17-6. (Mind you, it would be nice if Windows would associate specific icon types with specific template types so that you could give all your Picture folders the same icon as My Pictures by default, but perhaps that s asking a bit much.) Finally, you can select a picture
If yours is not the latest and greatest computer with lots of memory, you may want to avoid opening several images at once. Start small: Open one or two images, and if things don t slow down too much, you can open additional images until you notice the application becoming a bit clumsy. You may be prompted that your virtual memory setting is too low, and if you re a Windows user, Windows beefs up the memory allocation to meet your needs at the time.
As stated in 5, the commands TEXT and DTEXT will place strings of characters on your drawing. When entering text, AutoCAD will prompt you to choose a height for each character, a rotation angle for the string, and a point at which to place the text string on the model or drawing. Many people prefer TEXT or Single Line Text from the pull-down menu for titles and filling in title blocks, as with it you can see the style and placement of the text as it is entered.
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3. Interestingly enough, the regularization matrix l can be chosen so as to enforce a rank-two l difference right at the first iteration. Once this is done, the rank-two property preserves itself over time.
6.3 System Description
The left image is the plan view; the right image is a 3D view.
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