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1. the real or complex ,wdimensional Euclidean space R" with the discrete maximum
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To start your presentation with a custom show, on the Slide Show tab, click Custom Slide Show and then click the name of the custom show on the drop-down menu. The custom show runs.
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1. Choose Home tab Draw panel Hatch to open the Hatch and Gradient dialog box. 2. In the Type drop-down list, choose User Defined. 3. In the Angle box, type an angle or choose one from the drop-down list. When creating a userdefined hatch, you need to specify the actual angle that you want to see.
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Working with vector layers can be a big problem when you re adding text to images. Several layer options are not available for vector layers, including vector text layers. The solution to this problem is to convert the vector text layer to a Smart Layer. Because the content of a Smart Object is rasterized before applying it to the image, you can use all the raster editing functionality associated with layers.
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Figure 10-12: The FDISK menu on a Windows 98 system.
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It s often easier to type your connection string into a text editor first making sure that your syntax and parameters are correct and then cut and paste it into the dialog box field. n
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Note that ai(r)/aris merely the derivative of i;the derivative no longer acts as an operator to the right (see footnote on notation on p. 56). Therefore, the antisymmetry in the corresponding entries of the Poisson matrix is more obvious because no integration by parts is involved. A comparison between this last expression and the result of Exercise 25 gives a feeling for the difference between a scalar density and a scalar; for a scalar density, the divergence of the velocity is relevant, so that the derivative operator must act also on the terms to be multiplied.
Fill path with foreground color/Fill Path: This fills the currently selected path with the current foreground color. The path does not need to be closed, but it does need at least two line segments that do not form a straight line. Stroke path with brush/Stroke Path: This option allows you to apply a bitmapped brushstroke to the path. The currently selected brush style and size are used to trace the lines in the path on the image. Even though the path is visible on the screen, it isn t visible in the saved image or in the printed image unless a fill or brushstroke is applied. For example, Figure 17.25 shows an example of the effect on the image when a brushstroke is applied to a path.
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When you have opened a received e-mail, the From eld displays the name or the e-mail address (or both) of the sender. It also displays any other recipients other than you, that is in the To and Cc elds. You can add the From person or any of the other To or Cc people to your Contacts list by right-clicking on them and choosing Add to Outlook Contacts from the shortcut menu. Outlook opens a new Contact window with the available information lled in. This information includes only the person s e-mail address and perhaps name. You can add additional information to the Contact form, if desired, and then click Save & Close.
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