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Command:MIRROR Select objects: (pick 1) Specify opposite corner: (pick 2) Select objects:~ Specify first point of mirroring plane:END of (pick 3) Specify second point of mirroring plane:END of (pick 4) Delete source objects [Yes/No]<N>:.J
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About the CD
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Creating the border guides
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The first category of commands, the color mapping tools, all occupy one of the lower sections in the Image Adjustments submenu. These commands Invert, Equalize, Threshold, and Posterize produce immediate effects that are difficult or require too much effort to duplicate with the more full-featured commands.
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Understanding the Default Workspace
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To replicate the expression in cell B4 for all R, values, select cell B4, grab the lower right comer of the cell, hold and drag down to cell B 104, and release. Repeat for RTh by replicating cell C4. To plot the data, first drag the cursor across all cells between A4 and C I 04. Next, from the Insert menu, select Chart. We recommend strongly that you choose the XY (Scatter) chart type. EXCEL will take you step by step through the basic formatting of your chart. which, after some manipulations, might look similar to the chart in Fig. 5. 18c.
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program, you can change its appearance. Apply the standard HTML formats, such as the H1 through H6 headings and their relative sizes, or a paragraph tag, either of which can be quickly styled in CSS.
Open the two practice les, Canadian_ Geese1.tif and Canadian_Geese2.tif, from the downloadable practice les on the Web site (www.wiley.com/go/ photoshopcs4ats). The photo of the two geese in Canadian_Geese1.tif is nice, but it s a little empty in the lower right corner. The object of this exercise is to add one of the geese in Canadian_ Geese2.tif to that corner. Naturally, you could use a selection to copy a goose from the second image and paste it into the rst one, like you did with the seagulls in 8. But if you later found a mistake in the selection, you would have to back up and repeat the entire procedure. Also, because of the background detail, it
Moving the rectangle on the Master Page moves all elements in the layout to keep them within the rectangle.
the note. The payments may be made for many different reasons, such as: Settling an estate in which the receiver of the payments is an heir or beneficiary of the estate. Sale of a business for which part of the payment is in notes. Purchase of real estate a home or income property with part of the sales price being a purchase money (PM) mortgage on which the home seller receives monthly payments. Proceeds of a lawsuit for which payments are made over time. Lottery payments made to a lottery winner over a number of years. In any cash- ow note, two people are involved, the note seller and the note buyer. The note itself is backed by an asset of some kind, such as one of those just listed. This asset can be a source of funding for you when you act as a cash- ow note nder and bring the seller and buyer together. For example: A businessperson sells a business for $100,000. The person buying the business puts $25,000 down and agrees to pay the balance of $75,000 at 8 percent interest over a five-year period in monthly payments of $1,521. One year has passed and the seller of the business needs cash. He/she offers the remaining 48 notes (60 months minus 12 payments made by the business buyer) for sale. The value of these notes is $73,008. The business seller is now a note seller. You find a note buyer who offers $47,455 (65 percent of the 48-month value) to the note seller through you. Your note buyer will receive $73,008 over 48 months and will earn a profit of $25,553 over four years. This is a return of about 14 percent, which is much higher than they could earn at a bank. You, as a cash-flow note finder, earn a nice commission (which can be as high as 5 percent of the note price) that is pure money no big expenses attached to it! You can use your commission as your financing for this, or another, business. And best of all, you never put up any of your own money when you raise funding with cash-flow notes!
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