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Figure 3-7: An index of Oracle9iAS Portal help topics
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Beckett, S.T. (1988) Industrial Chocolate Manufacture and Use. London: Blackie. Cook, L.R. & Meursing, E.H. (1982) Chocolate Production and Use. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Dimick, P.S., ed. (1986) Proceedings of Cocoa Biotechnology. Philadelphia: Pennsylvania State University. Richardson, T.W. (2000) Back to basics chocolate tempering. Proceedings of the PMCA Production Conference (http://pmca.com/). Wood, G.A.R. & Lass, R.A. (1985) Cocoa, 4th edn. Harlow: Longman.
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See 4 for more information on the BIOS beep codes and error messages.
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9. If additional DHCP Relay Agents are available on the same subnet as the Nortel VPN Router is residing on, they also may be configured at this time. Up to three DHCP Relay Agents may be configured. 10. Click the Enabled check boxes for all configured DHCP Server Helper IP addresses and click OK. 11. When the DHCP Relay screen appears, verify that the configured DHCP Relay Interfaces are displayed. 12. In the DHCP Relay portion of the screen, click the Enabled check box and then click OK. 13. To verify that DHCP Relay is working properly, use a PC that is configured to use DHCP to obtain an IP address and connect it to the same subnet the Nortel VPN Router Management Interface is connected to. 14. If the PC is already powered on, perform a release and renew request from the PC using the command ipconfig /release and then issue an ipconfig /renew command. Did the PC receive an IP address If not, verify your settings and repeat this step. 15. To aid in troubleshooting on the DHCP Relay screen, click the Statistics button to display the DHCP Relay Statistics. This screen displays the In, Out, Discarded, Relayed to Server, and Relayed to Client statistics. This can be used to determine if the Nortel VPN Router is detecting the DHCP request broadcast from the PC, and if it had been sent on to the DHCP Relay Agent. It will also display if there were any DHCP responses sent from the DHCP Relay Agent, and if those responses were passed to the
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Editing PDFs
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4: Setting Up Sites and Servers
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1. Open the image in Photoshop. 2. Right-click the background layer and select Duplicate Layer from the pop-up menu to display the Duplicate Layer dialog box. 3. Name the duplicate layer in the Duplicate Layer dialog box, and click OK to create the layer.
FIGURE 23.27
Included here is a very simple implementation of the command pattern, including routing logic components (CommandExecutor and EJBCommandTarget) and a command server (CommandServerBean), including a bank account transfer command. This source is a super simplified version inspired by IBM s Command framework, and is provided to illustrate the concepts of the command pattern only. Use it at your own risk.
Use the large-sized 3M Post-it Super Sticky Notes to capture ideas Write one idea per note Write three to five words per note Write in bold letters Write initiatives in a syntax such as: Cross-sell marketing Single source data system High-value customer retention program
FIGURE 14.15 The Motion Blur creates a directional blur.
or, equivalently,
is associated with electron hole pair generation in the depletion region through the acceleration of charge with suf cient energy to ionize bound charge. A photon ux F incident on the depletion region generates a current heF in the diode, where h is the quantum ef ciency for electron hole pair generation at the frequency of the incident light. Combining photogenerated and diffusion components, the total current across the diode is   i heF isat eeV=kT 1 (5:21)
1. Open the XML file attached in the XSLT document. 2. Choose Commands Attach an XSLT Stylesheet. 3. When the Attach an XSLT Stylesheet dialog box opens (see Figure 32-14), click Browse to locate the XSLT file you ve been working with.
Where do I put the copy How do I make the copy What do I do if I need to recover the copy
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FIGURE 13.17 The General tab of the Custom Encoding Settings window
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