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Page thumbnails are created on-the-fly each time you open the Pages panel. In long documents, you may find your computer slowing down each time the Pages panel is opened and the thumbnails are recreated. If this proves to be a burden, you can choose to embed thumbnails when working with the Pages panel and avoid the delay caused by creating them. Thumbnails add some overhead to your file. Each page thumbnail adds about 1K to the file size. Unless your files are to be viewed by users of earlier Acrobat viewers that don t support creating thumbnails onthe-fly; delete them as one of the final steps in your editing session. To embed thumbnails, select the Embed All Page Thumbnails command from the pane Options menu or a context-sensitive menu. Thumbnails can also be created by batch-processing PDF files using a Batch Sequence or at the time of distillation when using Acrobat Distiller. FIGURE 16.6
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Always work on a copy. Always.
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A scrolling list differs from a drop-down menu in three respects. First, and most obvious, the scrolling list field has up and down arrow buttons, rather than an option arrow button; and the user can scroll the list, showing as little as one item at a time, instead of the entire list. Second, you can control the height of the scrolling list, enabling it to display more than one item or all
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Part IV: Persuading and Informing with PowerPoint
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Taking into account the relationships (11.43) and (11.44), we obtain a batch version of the natural gradient learning algorithm to update the matrices C and D as C(l) = I f (y(k)) yT (k) ) C(l) f (y(k)) T (k) , (11.49)
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VPN Router 100
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7: Working with Text
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Creating 3D Surfaces
FIGURE 13.2 Two video layers in the Timeline.
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The IT landscape in the nance industry is particularly complex and implementation of standards to reduce complexity is viewed at UBS as key to improving reliability and security of service. This commitment to standardization is an explicit part of the IT strategy and framework standards such as operating systems are speci ed directly in it. One step further, the focus of standards effort is on projects that physically implement the standards laid out in the IT strategy. Where necessary, these projects may propose additional technical speci cations within the overall standards framework for approval by the central IT Committee, composed of IT heads from each IT group and additional selected IT professionals. The handling of standards in the eld depends on the domain concerned. Underlying technology standards such as those for networks or anything in uencing information security are applied rigorously across the board. By contrast, handling of applications is driven by the respective business. The requirements set by business functions determine the selection of applications and the timetable and policies for migrating the installed base of legacy applications. In general, local businesses implement the standard applications, but, ultimately, local general managers are responsible for how requirements are met and bear ensuing costs, so they can choose, for example, to develop systems of their own, provided they adhere to the underlying technology standards and are in a position to justify their decision when escalated.
Correcting Video Files and Creating Special Effects
Part IV
is where Sideal the entropy of an ideal gas of noninteracting united atoms, and the pointed brackets indicate averages performed with the ensemble (8.37).
Choosing gradient presets with the Gradient Picker
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