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Hands-on Architectural Retouching Project
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3.2 Application of the Kalman Algorithm
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The first widely adopted disk interface standard was the ST506/412 interface developed by Seagate Technologies in the early 1980s for its 5MB (ST506) and 10MB (ST412) disk drives. It was universally adopted because it used standard cables to connect any compatible drive to an ST506/412-compatible adapter. This interface is now obsolete except in older systems still in use.
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24: Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, and Bridge Integration
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Part VII: Extending Dreamweaver
Clearing out unnecessary connections
Control circuitry for high-voltage, three-phase equipment usuall y operates at much lower vo lt ages. For example. a lO-kW power supply mig ht operate at a lin e vo ltage of 480 V rm s, whil e its control circ uit is powered by internal de power supplies at 5 V. Lo we r vo ltages are not onl y safer to operate but also permit engi neers to eas il y incorporate op-amps and dig ital electro nics into the control system. It is a great co nvenie nce to test the control circuit without havin g to connec t it directl y to a 480-V nns three-phase source. Therefore , let
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or real estate being offered for sale; (b) you re willing to work long hours to make the business or real estate more successful than it is now; (c) you always pay your bills on time; (d) you re reliable! 5. Agree to any reasonable terms the seller offers you, provided you get owner financing and a positive cash flow from the property or business that s enough for your income needs. 6. Buy the real estate or business and go all out to make it a big success. Why Because the more successful you are, the more you ll put in the bank to build your wealth on owner financing!
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