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8. Select 2-Pass VBR for highest quality, and adjust the bit rate so the display at the top-right corner says 300 kbps. If you re using a 32 kbps, enter 269. Yes, 269 plus 32 is 301, but who s counting 9. Enter 320 240 for your frame size, and deselect the Maintain Aspect Ratio check box.
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Figure 6-24: Certification Request CMP screen
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You can modify a clipped image s boundary by using its grips. Select the clipped image to displays its grips. Use the square grips to resize the clipping boundary and click the arrow grip to invert the clipping boundary.
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Creating a vanishing point
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Figure 19-10: A 6-pin mini-DIN (PS/2) connector is standard on most PC keyboards. N Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector: The USB connector, shown in
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and make DIM 1 frozen in the current viewport. Then make DIM3 current. Use the linear dimension to dimension the room as shown.
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ColdFusion creates and verifies the ODBC data source.
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The Compare Documents dialog box contains the following options: n Document. The first two items are used to identify the documents for comparison. If no files are open in the Document pane, click the Choose button and select a file in the Open dialog box that appears. Click the second Choose button and open a second file. If you have the two documents to be compared open in the Document pane before opening the Compare Documents dialog box, the pull-down menus show you both open files. Select one file in the top pull-down menu and the second file in the next pull-down menu. n Page by page visual differences. Three options are available from pull-down menu choices. Depending on which item you choose, the reports are more or less detailed and the speed in which the documents are compared relate to how much detail you want to analyze. A detailed analysis takes more time than the other two options. From the menu, choose Detailed analysis, or Normal analysis, or Coarse analysis. Small visual differences between documents are reported when choosing the Detailed analysis (very slow) option. The resulting report shows differences in very small graphics. The Coarse analysis ignores small graphics that may appear on one document or another, and the Normal option falls somewhere in between the other two. n Textual differences. Selecting this radio button deselects the preceding radio button selection. Use this option if your only interest is in comparing text in the document while ignoring graphics and the layout or reading order. If you want to compare fonts between documents, select the Include font information (style, size, typeface) check box. This option is very handy for reviews where you have moved chunks of text around in a document, but have not really changed the words. It s good for legal documents, chapters, articles, and so on. n Markup color. A report is created with markups. You can choose what color is used for the markups by clicking on the color swatch and selecting a preset color or a custom color. n Choose compare report type. After comparing two files, Acrobat creates a report. The type of report can be either a Side-by-Side Report with the two documents displayed in a Two-Up Continuous Page layout and comparison marks showing the differences, or a Consolidated Report where differences are marked with comment notes in a single PDF document. Choose the report type and click OK. Acrobat compares the documents according to the attributes selected in the Compare Documents dialog box. When the comparison is finished, the report is created according to the report type selected in the Compare Documents dialog box.
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[All/Center/Dynamic/Extents/Previous/Scale/Window/Object]<re al time>:
In the next chapter, you learn about working with XML in Dreamweaver.
As mentioned earlier, a strong control environment also plays a crucial role in deterring corruption. We are all likely to have read about legal remedies against corruption, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and its increasing prominence in enforcement circles. Criminalization, however, is not the only anti-corruption strategy for deterring corruption. Management may also be aware of corporate level, self-imposed control programs aimed at combating corruption and its effects. Companies can enhance their reputation and even gain a competitive advantage by taking a strong stance on anti-corruption. In a September 16, 2008 article in the Nigerian publication This Day, Patrick Ugeh reported that the president and CEO of GE International, Ferdinando Nani Beccalli, gave an interview in Abuja in which he stated, One of the advantages of working with GE is that if you work with GE, you are guaranteed that you are working with a company that is clean, that is not giving bribes and that is always making integrity as the rst step in our business. So if the government or anybody cooperates with a company like ours, it is like the seal of guarantee that things are done in a clean way. With a number of major international companies affected by allegations or investigations of bribery and corruption, winning business under a global media spotlight may increasingly require a strong anti-corruption approach. The World Economic Forum s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) was launched in 2004. It is a private-sector initiative created by the Engineering & Construction, Energy, and Mining & Metals Governors of the World Economic Forum, in cooperation with Transparency International and the Basel Institute on Governance. Its overarching goal is providing useful guidance on anticorruption strategies and policies for governments and companies all
2 yi (k)dyi (k) 2 yi (k) (6.125)
A 3D rectangular array has rows, columns, and levels. To create a 3D rectangular array, follow these steps:
Name this layer Left Gradient.
The 3-D Rotation effect slants, tilts, or otherwise manipulates the text so that it looks as if it is being viewed at an angle. Earlier versions of PowerPoint had a very basic 3-D effect that kept the faces of the characters forward but added some perspective slant to the sides of the text. However, in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010, you can actually slant and tilt the letters themselves, as shown in Figure 6-25. There are four factors that make up a 3-D rotation setting: X: Left-to-right rotation Y: Top-to-bottom rotation Z: Rotation around a center point Perspective: The height at which you are viewing (above or below)
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Figure 6-32: The Flanger Settings dialog box
5 12.3 of Bird, Curtiss, Armstrong & Hassager, DPL 2, Kinefic Theory (Wiley, 1987).
Figure 9-10: The first Setup Wizard screen simply explains what you ll be doing in the following steps.
entry, #statenIsland. It s good practice on a long page to include a link to the top of the page for every named anchor sec tion. Again, most of the work has been done for you; you ll just need to add anchor links for the last two sections and a named anchor at the top of the page.
n Second Segment Angle. You can constrain the angle of the second segment, which is horizontal by default. Choose from 15 increments up to 90 . n Automatically Include Landing. In the Landing Settings section, you can decide whether you want a horizontal landing (the short line next to the text). Uncheck the check box if you don t want one. n Set Landing Distance. To specify the length of the landing line, check this check box and enter a value in units. n Annotative. In the Scale section, check this check box to make the multileaders annotative, as explained earlier in this section. If the multileaders are not annotative, you can automatically scale them to the scale of the viewport or specify a scale for all multileaders. The Content tab offers settings related to text and the label part of the leader. First, you specify the Multileader Type, which can be Mtext, a block, or nothing at the end of a leader. n Mtext. If you choose Mtext (multiline text), you specify default text content (if any), the text style, text angle, and text color. You specify the text height (which is the paper height if the style is annotative). You can force the text to be left-justified in all situations. Check the Frame Text check box to put a box around the text. Finally, you specify how the landing line attaches to the text and the gap between the landing line and the text.
STEPS: Drawing Polylines
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