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The market for commercial paper died. If UCBS could default, reasoned the commercial-paper buyers, what about GMAC Sears Acceptance Ford Motor Credit Citigroup Nearly all issuers, whether solvent or insolvent, came under suspicion. The Nasdaq and the Dow, which had managed to stage a sharp rally, were knocked for another loop. All stocks were hit with big selling pressure the tech stocks, the blue chips whether old economy or new economy. There were very few exceptions.
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Both the start-position argument and the length argument can be negative, and in each case the negativity has a different meaning. If the start-position is negative, it means that the starting character is determined by counting backward from the end of the string, rather than forward from the beginning. (A start position of 1 means start with the last character, 2 means second-to-last, and so on.) Now, you might expect that a negative length would similarly imply that the substring should be determined by counting backward from the start character rather than forward. This is not the case it is always true that the character at the start-position is the first character in the returned string (not the last). Instead, a negative-length argument means that the final character is determined by counting backward from the end rather than forward from the start position. Here are some examples, with positive and negative arguments:
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www.popphoto.com The product reviews and lab tests in this magazine make it a valuable resource for all types of photographers who want to keep up with the ever-expanding offerings from camera and photography manufactures.
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If you choose List Menu, you must manually open the created server behavior file to populate the list menu. n
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where the elements of the vector r represent the cross-correlation of the spread, channelimpaired received signal with each of the users spreading sequence, the vector d consists of the bits transmitted by all the users during the current signalling instant and the matrix R is the cross-correlation (CCL) matrix of the spreading sequences. This optimum detector significantly outperforms the conventional single-user detector and - in contrast to single user detectors - it is insensitive to power control errors, which is often termed as being near-far resistant. However, unfortunately its complexity grows exponentially in the order of 0 ( 2 N K ) ,where N is the number of overlapping asynchronous bits considered in the detector s decision window and K is the number of interfering users. In order to reduce the complexity of the receiver and yet to provide an acceptable Bit Error Rate (BER) performance, significant research efforts have been invested in the field of sub-optimal CDMA multiuser receivers [225]. Multiuser detection exploits the base station s knowledge of the spreading sequences and that of the estimated (CIRs) in order to remove the MAL These multiuser detectors can be categorized in a number of ways, such as linear versus non-linear, adaptive versus non-adaptive algorithms or burst transmission versus continuous transmission regimes. Excellent summaries of some of these sub-optimum detectors can be found in the monographs by Veni [225], Prasad [327], Glisic and Vucetic [328]. Other MAI-mitigating techniques include the employment of adaptive antenna arrays, which mitigate the level of MA1 atthe receiver by forming a beam in the direction of the wanted user and a null towards the interfering users. Research effortsinvested in this area include, amongst others,the investigations carried out by Thompson, Grant and Mulgrew[329,330]; Naguib and Paulraj [33 l]; Godara [332]; as well as Kohno, Imai, Hatori and Pasupathy [333]. However, the area of adaptive antenna arrays is beyond the scope of this article and the reader is referred to the references cited for further discussions. In the forthcoming section, a brief survey of the sub-optimal multiuser receivers will be presented with reference to Figure 12.4, which constitutes an attractive compromise in terms of the achievable performance and the associated complexity.
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Right-click (Control-click on the Mac) the florin symbol (or anywhere other than the layer thumbnails, or the link and eye icons) to display a pop-up menu from which you can choose Clear Layer Style. This deletes all effects on the layer in question.
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28: Using Dreamweaver Templates
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Exporting Your Adobe After Effects Files
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where wp is the coefficient vector (20.6) that estimates d ( i ) from u optimally in the lini ear least-mean squares sense. Moreover, v(i) is uncorrelated with u and has variance i o,"(i)= Jmin(i). However, as was also the case in Sec. 15.2, we shall impose the stronger assumption that
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P, =
One issue that I have rather glossed over until now has been that of ontologies. The issue of ontologies arises for the following reason. If two agents are to communicate about some domain, then it is necessary for them to agree on the terminology that they use to describe this domain. For example, imagine an agent is buying a particular engineering item (nut or bolt) from another agent: the buyer needs to be able to unambiguously specify to the seller the desired properties of the item, such as its size. The agents thus need to be able to agree both on what 'size' means, and also what terms like 'inch' or 'centimetre' mean. An ontology is thus a specification of a set of terms as follows. An ontology is a formal definition of a body of knowledge. The most typical type of ontology used in building agents involves a structural component. Essentially a taxonomy of class and subclass relations coupled with definitions of the relationshps between these things. (Jim Hendler)
b) For the upper right plot, the z and y-coordinates are either both from 0 to 6 or both from 6 to 12. These are produced by output 8.16. Use them to create the two desired histograms.
After minor simplifications,we obtain the desired result.
which means you ll need to terminate the session and restart a new one. A sample output of the more command is as follows:
Executives and managers are used to setting targets, so I won t go into this in detail. But there are some nuances you might want to consider with respect to the Balanced Scorecard. To begin with, work from the top down. Start with the financial perspective and consider what portion of change here will be attributable to each Strategic Theme. For example, if the organization wants to increase from $80M to $120M in the next three years and has three Strategic Themes, the organization will want to apportion that growth across the three themes. Now determine how much each Strategic Theme must contribute to reach the total target. As you work down the perspectives in each Strategic Theme, you will need to ask yourself questions such as these:
with the space P = P1(l )
. . . . . . . . . .
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