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Part III
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When I first met Peter Herzum, my thinking on the nature of distributed components (DCs) was reasonably advanced (at that time I called them "cooperative business objects") . My colleagues and I understood well that a DC was a pluggable component that realized a business concept, that there were different kinds of DCs at the different distribution tiers, and the four tiers themselves were defined and had been tested . By that time, we had also had considerable experience producing middleware that provided the required level of abstraction for functional programmers, had supported and built DCs in a range of languages (both 00 and procedural, compiled and interpreted), and had seen our technology proved in operational systems . Although I knew that more-much more-was needed beyond the technology alone, neither I nor anyone I had met had a really good understanding of the required methodology, development processes, and project management techniques for scalable development that aimed to map business concepts isomorphically to independently deployable, larger-grained software components . Peter made a major contribution to those things, but he also provided two other things, perhaps even more important. First, while I knew that somehow there had to be a link between a real-world business concept and a component that executed at run-time, the thinking at the time was incomplete, especially regarding development processes . There was a crucial missing link . Peter had the answer to the missing link-a single coherent concept that gathered up not only physical distribution, architectural viewpoints, and development lifecycle factors, but also provided for project management approaches, and at the same time strengthened the mapping between a single business concept at require-
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When you create an appointment that is an all-day event, Outlook does not mark the time as Busy but rather keeps it marked as Free. If you want an all-day event to display on the Scheduling page as either Tentative or Busy, you must explicitly select this option in the Options section of the Event tab of the Ribbon. n
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There are five containers listed on the Pages tab: Top-Level Pages: Contains pages that have been designated as top-level pages. My Pages: Contains pages created by the current user. User Pages: Contains a listing of all of the pages available to the user. These pages are alphabetically grouped by the user who created them. If you create either a standard page or a top-level page, it will also be listed in the User Pages container. Page Layouts: Contains look-and-feel layouts that can be used for pages. Page Styles: Defines a set of standards for features like fonts and colors that you can use for pages. You will learn a lot more about pages in 7. There are a few more things to learn about this area of the Navigator, though. You can see that there is only one action listed for the containers on this page the Create option. (There is no Create option for the User Pages container, because this container is simply a listing of the available pages.) To see more actions listed, you have to go to another level in the Navigator. 1. Click on the Top-Level Pages hot link, which will bring up the page shown in Figure 4-2.
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If you are using engineering or architectural units, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT display parts of inches (fractions) differently than the format you must use to type them in. You must type in coordinates without any spaces because in AutoCAD a space is equivalent to pressing Enter, and that ends your input. Use a hyphen between whole and partial inches for example, 3 21/2". (You can omit the " after the number because inches are assumed in engineering and architectural units if no symbol follows a number.) However, this appears on the status bar as 3 -2 1/2". This can be confusing because the hyphen is in a different place, and you see a space between the whole and partial inches.
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= 5/ 3.9k = 1.282 rnA
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To make life even easier for your clients, you can export your layer comps as standard Web pages, ready to be uploaded to your Web site for viewing. To do this, choose File Scripts Layer Comps to WPG. The Layer Comps To Web Photo Gallery dialog box appears as shown in Figure 11.8, allowing you to choose a couple of options for your gallery: n Destination: This is the path to the folder where you want to create the gallery s HTML and image files. Click Browse to locate the folder or create a new folder. n Style: Use this box to choose a look for the gallery. Unfortunately, this option is a text box, not a menu, which means you have to type the exact name of the style. You can view a list of preset styles by choosing File Automate Web Photo Gallery and browsing the Styles menu at the top of the dialog. Alternatively, look in the Presets/Web Photo Gallery folder inside your Photoshop application folder; each style is listed as a folder named after the style.
3. Select the layer containing the photo you want to work with.
First of all, I would suggest, when you go to school, hang out with really smart, innovative, super bright, off-the-charts people, he said. Stay at the party as late as they do. Become their best friends. That s what I did. His foreign-born business partners valued his friendship as well. For if there is one lesson immigrants learn quickly, it is that native guides can help steer them through new terrain. They may spy opportunity others missed, but they usually have to work with the locals to seize it. Ninety percent of the technology companies are founded by teams, said Sa Qureshi, the Pakistani-born CEO of a wireless video technology company called Quartics. He is also a trustee of the Merage Foundation for the American Dream, which honors the contributions of American immigrants. Qureshi, a successful entrepreneur twice over, said forming companies in today s complicated, hypercompetitive economy requires tremendous amounts of collaboration. Diverse teams provide an edge, and not only through technical expertise. This is a very tough business, he said. When there are down days, you need your partners to pick you up. He notes that immigrants can offer an added dimension to a partnership, like cultural savvy, multiple languages, and contacts in growing overseas markets. We (immigrants) can give you insight, he said. We know China. We know India. You cannot start a tech company today in the U.S. without Chinese or Indians. We provide a huge advantage not only technically, but with knowledge of global markets. To nd immigrant partners, he advises, go to where the immigrants are. Outside of colleges and keg parties, a good place to strike up a relationship with professionals from abroad is within the networking groups that have sprung up in immigrant communities across the land. The best known, TiE, has an Indian-American avor and a busy schedule of gatherings nationwide. Taiwanese entrepreneurs
The quantities { [ ~ ( i ) ! ( L ( i )[$(i)} denote the minimum costs of the projection &,(i), , problems that result in { T M , ~ ,M , i , f ~ , i EM,^}. Let further { + y ~ ( )~ ( i denote the b , i , )} conversion factors associated with the projection problems { T M , ~ b ~ , i and { . f ~ , i , ~ , i , } b (the first two have the same conversion factor + y ~ ( while the last two have the same i), conversion factor ~ ( i ) That is, ).
updates for each table involved in the hierarchy . In Case 2, each concrete class must be a leaf class of the hierarchy. If an intermediate class is expected to be concrete, then a "dummy" leaf class must be defined for this concrete class . For each concrete class, the developer must map all the attributes for classes in the hierarchy to columns in a table . Retrieving from the database requires a simple query for the class. In Case 3, all concrete classes are stored in the same table . Each row contains an additional (system-defined) attribute-a discriminatorthat indicates the class type for the instance data stored in the row (shown as the string class in Figure 12 .23) . Also, each row in the table contains only data for the indicated class . Retrieving from the database requires the discriminator to be added to every query. Writing to the database also requires the discriminator to be provided . Each case has different performance costs, evolution costs, and database size costs . A mature development environment should give the designer a choice of the desired strategy on a case-by-case basis .
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Even more useful than creating new folders, however, is putting down some breadcrumbs so you can nd your way back easily. After you double-click Public or My Documents (or click Save
Making Advertising Work
Performing a Basic Preview and Print
The following sections explain some of the technical speci cations behind raster graphics; you ll need this information to make the right decisions about the way you capture the images with your scanner or digital camera, and the way you use them in PowerPoint.
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