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Memory errors are often intermittent and difficult to diagnose. An essential tool in memory troubleshooting is a memory diagnostic program. Many programs are made for this purpose. Perhaps the simplest to use, not to mention the most popular, is the Power-On Self-Test (POST) program included in your PC s BIOS startup utilities. The POST tests and counts all the memory that it detects and compares the result with previous POST results. If the latest POST memory count is different from the previous, a memory error is signaled with an audible beep or a text message alert. See 4 for detailed information on BIOS beep codes. Unfortunately, the memory testing performed by the POST is not very thorough, so you might need to use memory diagnostic software. These programs are executed from a command prompt or from a boot disk. The tests can be run continuously for hours or even days, if necessary to find the source of an intermittent memory problem. A few of the better memory test software packages are
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As you probably know, the Brush tool always paints with the foreground color, and the Eraser always paints with the background. So if you have a white foreground and black background (the opposite of the default) then the Brush actually erases areas of the mask (that is, paints on it with white), while the Eraser paints black onto the mask.
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Blind spatio-temporal decorelation
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1. Place your cursor on the first image on the page and switch to Code view. 2. Press the left-arrow button to move the cursor in front of the <img> tag and enter the following
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In order to use After Effects s Path Text command, you first need to create a New Solid (Layer New Solid). For more information on creating and animating text in After Effects, turn to 25.
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The first step is to select the Monochrome option at the bottom of the dialog box. This puts the Channel Mixer in monochrome mode; you ll notice that the image is now converted to black and white in the document window. You can also see three sliders for Red, Green, and Blue. Use these to emphasize or de-emphasize the impact that these color channels have in the monochrome image. So that you can compare the final result, try to achieve a similar effect as when using the Hue/Saturation adjustment. With that in mind, boost the reds to around +110 percent to bring out the gate and the roof behind. Drop the Green slider to -34 percent to darken the foliage; then even out the image by dragging the Blue slider to the right to a value of +25 percent. As you can see in Figure 15.34, this produces quite a dramatic result.
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rary relaxation of the rules (1974) that encourages experimentation but acknowledges reason. Admittedly, this is a difficult pill for most trustees (and executives) to swallow.Yet playfulness helps people envision new possibilities, patterns, problems, and aspirations. In contrast, a strict insistence on purposes, consistency, and rationality limits [an organization s] ability to find new purposes. When it comes to generative governing and formal discourse, the fewer the rules, the better the chances for generative insights. Our own deliberations for this book demanded the type of playfulness that boards need in Type III. Because we were attempting to understand board problems anew rather than simply choose the best available solutions we could not rely on formal, cost benefit analysis or strict logic. Instead, we played with devices like the no-board scenario. By asking trustees and executives to think about what would happen to nonprofit organizations without boards, we and they were able to think, unencumbered by received wisdom, about the value boards add. Playing with this formulation then triggered the no-organization scenario, where we asked practitioners to imagine what trustees would lose if their organizations ceased all operations for several years.The goal of an exercise like this is to understand familiar challenges in new ways. Since playfulness suspends the rules, no one should be surprised that there are no rules for playfulness. It is truly a habit of mind. But unlike vague exhortations to think out of the box, playfulness offers a technology of sorts four conditions that favor generative thinking: Assume action informs goals rather than vice versa. Boards are devoted to the proposition that thinking precedes doing: Trustees set
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Photoshop positively excels when working with bitmapped images, whether they are digital photographs or previously created art. Once brought onto your canvas, they can be altered in almost immeasurable ways: rescaled, rotated, flipped, distorted, color corrected, blended the list goes on and on. This exercise focuses on a few central bitmap operations to build up sections of the Web page comp. These operations include: Placing an external image in your comp Duplicating images Rotating and moving images on the canvas Removing an image from its background The first task is to bring in a bit of scrollwork to give the gradient a little more depth and subtlety. 1. If you haven t already downloaded the book exercise files, do so now. The files can be obtained from www.; download the zipped files and uncompress them to a folder on your system. 2. In the Layers palette, select the gradient layer inside the Header group folder. When images are brought into Photoshop, they automatically create a new layer; by preselecting a group folder, the new layer will be put just where you want it to go. 3. Choose File u Place. When the Place dialog opens, navigate to the book exercise files and open the 1 folder. Locate the spiral.gif file and click Place. The inserted image is initially placed in the center of the document and marked with an X-shaped line and border with sizing handles (Figure 1-19).
As indicated earlier, we will now consider once again the network in Fig. 8.29, which has been redrawn in Fig. 8.50a, and determine the current I , . In this final PSPICE example, which
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You ve seen Sort in the Paragraph group and in the Table Layout tab of the Ribbon, but you might not know that it works on any list even one that s not in a table. Select the items you want sorted, and click the Sort tool in the Home Ribbon s Paragraph group. Or, if you re a keyboard junkie, try using the same menu keystrokes you used in earlier versions of Word (Alt+A, Alt+S).
1 < xml version= 1.0 encoding= utf-8 > 2 <rss version= 2.0 > 3 <channel> 4 <title>Podcasting Bible Podcast</title> 5 <link></link> 6 <description>Main feed Podcasting Bible Podcast</description> 7 <item> 8 <title>Episode 1</title> 9 <description>My first podcast episode</description> 10 <enclosure 11 url= 12 length= 210692 13 type= audio/mpeg /> 14 </item> 15 </channel> 16 </rss>
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The line will be drawn 60 units in positive X and 50 units in positive Y. POLAR will allow length entry for lines going 0,90, 180 or 270 degrees. Leave these lines on screen.
We Want a Distributed Data Model for a Real-time, Event-driven Architecture Business Model
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