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Part II
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Models for managed data
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Remember, to see the function of any Ribbon button or list, point to it with the mouse to display a pop-up ScreenTip identifying what the button or list does. n
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n Migrate Old PDF Archives to PDF Packages. If you created PDFs in Acrobat version 7 from the Outlook PDFMaker, you can migrate those older PDF documents into the newer PDF Package format. In PDF Archives crated with Acrobat 7 is was difficult to determine which attachments went with which e-mail. This new feature in Acrobat 8 makes your archives easier to work with. In 7 you first saw support for the PDFMaker with Autodesk AutoCAD. In this chapter I covered many of the popular Microsoft programs that support the PDFMaker. But PDFMaker is not limited to these programs. If you use Microsoft Project, Microsoft Access, Lotus Notes, and some other applications, you find the PDFMaker available for use. The process is very much the same in all programs. Take a look at the Adobe PDF menu and select options for either Change Conversion Settings or Preferences to adjust settings for your PDF creation. In most cases the menu commands and settings adjustments are straightforward and intuitive.
Fine-tune permissions here on a per-user basis.
CES#clear Clears the IP routing table (user and admin mode), ARP cache, or event log (admin mode) arp-cache Clears the entire ARP cache flow-cache Clears Firewall/NAT flow cache ip Clears the IP routing table entries logging Clears the event-log CES#clear arp-cache
Program 2.7, although it is short, it is powerful, especially because of its ability to match regular expressions. Although concordance programs already exist, we know exactly how this one works, and it is modifiable for different types of texts and tasks. For example, if a concordance for long-distance phone numbers were desired, then the work of section 2.2.3 provides a regex for this program. Then a document containing such numbers is analyzable to determine in what contexts these appear. This ability to adapt to new circumstances is one major payoff of knowing how to program, and when dealing with the immense variety and complexity of a natural language, such flexibility is often rewarded. One drawback of program 2.7 is that to change the target regex, the code itself requires modification. Changing code always allows the possibility of introducing an error. So enabling the program to accept the regex as input is worth doing. We know how to open a
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