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Is the data text or date data When working with dates, you re almost always better off storing the data in a Date/Time eld than as a Text eld. Text values sort differently
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A cross section of this spatial spectrum along the u axis is sketched in Fig. 4.19. If ^ U(x, y) is bandlimited such that jU(u, v)j 0 for u . B, then the cross-correlation ^ ^ (u, v) U(u, v) will have bandwidth 2B. The signal U(x, y, z) can be spatially U ltered from the reconstructed hologram if the various terms cover distinct regions of the u axis. Refering again to Fig. 4.19, we see that spatial spectrum of the reconstructed signal may be separated from other components if kx . 6pB. Interpreting this
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Figure 7-69: The Page Peel Settings dialog box
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Human Memory Modeled with Standard Analog and Digital Circuits: Inspiration for Man-made Computers, By John Robert Burger Copyright r 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
If you re working with a Fireworks source file, the changes are saved to both your source file and the exported file; otherwise, only the exported file is altered. n
In a user-interactive presentation, you provide the readers with on-screen buttons that they can click to move through the presentation, so that timing is not an issue. The crucial factor with a user-interactive presentation is link accuracy. Each button on each slide is a link. When your readers click a button for the next slide, it must take them to the next slide and not to somewhere else. And if you include a hyperlink to a Web address on the Internet, when the readers click it, the Web browser should open and that page should appear. If the hyperlink contains a typo and the readers see File Not Found instead of the Web page, the error re ects poorly on you. 21 covers creating and inserting these links. If you are planning to distribute your presentation through the Internet, you have a big decision to make. You can distribute the presentation in its native PowerPoint format and preserve all of its more exciting features, such as animations and videos. However, not everyone on the Internet owns a copy of PowerPoint, and so you are limiting your audience. Although PowerPoint supplies a free program, called the PowerPoint Viewer that you can post for downloading on your Web page, not everyone will take the time to download and install it, and so you may turn off potential viewers before you start.
are not directly related to these investments in capital assets made by this hypothetical government. Nature of the political process. There is an inherent conflict in governments between the citizens demand for services and the citizens willingness to pay for those services. There is a concept labeled in the government world as interperiod equity. This concept means that the current citizens should be paying for the services they are currently receiving. Governments can sometimes not live up to this principle, many times by borrowing money (which will be repaid by future citizens) to pay for the current operating expenses (whose benefit the current citizens are enjoying). GASBCS 1 concludes that to help fulfill a government s duty to be accountable, government financial reporting should enable the financial statement user to assess the extent to which operations were funded by nonrecurring revenues or long-term liabilities were incurred to satisfy current operating needs. Users of financial reporting. The users of governmental financial reporting and financial statements are different from those of commercial enterprises. GASBCS 1 identifies three primary groups as the users of governmental financial reports. The citizenry (taxpayers, voters, and service recipients), the media, advocate groups, and public finance researchers Legislative and oversight officials, such as members of state legislatures, county commissions, city councils, boards of trustees, school boards, and executive branch officials Investors and creditors, including individual and institutional investors, municipal security underwriters, bond rating agencies, bond insurers, and financial institutions Uses of financial reporting. As governments have different users of financial reporting, it is logical to expect that there will be differences in the uses of their financial reports. In addition to assessing the accountability of the government,
1. Create a new batch sequence. Choose Advanced Document Processing Batch Processing. In the Batch Sequences dialog box, select New Sequence. When the Name Sequence dialog box opens, type a name for the sequence. In this example I use Add Stamp. Click OK. 2. Select Execute JavaScript and add it to the list of sequences to be executed. In the Edit Batch Sequence dialog box, click Select Commands to open the Edit Sequence dialog box. In the Edit Sequence dialog box, select Execute JavaScript from the list on the left and click the Add button to move the command to the right window. 3. Add the JavaScript code to execute the action. Select the command in the right pane and click the Edit button (or double-click on the command). The JavaScript Editor dialog box opens. In the JavaScript Editor, type the following code. (The same code is shown as it should appear in the JavaScript Editor in Figure 18.16.)
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