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Proximity Match
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A frequent request I get when creating Balanced Scorecards and dashboards for marketing, sales, and manufacturing is to show the Top n or Bottom n for some set of data. For example, someone may need to identify the top five production issues, or the top quartile of salespeople, or the geographic regions producing the top 20 percent of results from a marketing campaign. (A related topic is the Pareto or 80/20 chart described in 24, "Building Powerful Charts for Decision Making.") The example below uses the functions for top n and bottom n items, but you can use the same methods for
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3D Axis: This option toggles the visibility of the 3D Axis Widget. The widget has its own menu bar with the option to close the widget. After you ve closed it, however, the easiest way to bring it back up is to select this option. 3D Ground Plane: In order to catch shadows and help to set perspective, a ground plane has been placed in the 3D workspace in Photoshop. You can see what it looks like when you turn it on in Figure 23.12. You can t edit or adjust this ground plane as you would be able to do in a 3D modeling program, but you can move your 3D objects in relation to it. For instance, you can lift your objects up off of the ground plane, and the shadows falling from them reflect the idea that your object is floating.
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Printing to Desktop Color Printers
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You can set the horizontal alignment attribute, align, to specify the default alignment, or left, right, or center alignment, for the contents of a cell, column, or row. This attribute can be overridden by setting the alignment for the individual line or image. Generally, left is the default horizontal alignment for cells.
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2: What Can You Do with a Network
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Figure 3.2 Action selection as theorem-proving.
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Figure P2.57
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Synchronizing Adjustments in Multiple Raw Images
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Part V
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1: What Is a LAN
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