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says that the total dielectric flux rlr out of any (simply-connected) volume 1/ with a sufficiently regular boundary S is equal to the total electric charge Q contained in the volume V . The total electric charge Q is defined by
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Because the (3,4) and (4,3) entries of this matrix are nonzero and independent of the velocity, the dressed symmetry of the full friction matrix is now more specific than in Exercise 45,
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The exception to Dreamweaver s policy of not altering imported code occurs when HTML or other code is incorrectly structured. Dreamweaver automatically fixes tags that are nested in the wrong order or have additional, unnecessary closing tags unless you tell Dreamweaver otherwise by setting up the Code Rewriting preferences accordingly (see Figure 3-17).
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If you are taking portraits, a good rule of thumb is to close in as much as possible, even to the extent of trimming off the top of the head or the ears. If you want to follow the rule of thirds, use the eyes as the main subject. You can achieve a more engaging and personal photo, as you can see in Figure 3.10.
Note that our ana lys is has produced three simultaneous eq uati ons in the three un know n node voltages VI . V2. and v] . The equations can also be written in matri x form as I I I
Tweak the adjustments until you get the best results. You probably want to try Steps 4 and 5 interchangeably a few times until you get the hang of how the Graduated Filter works. When you are finished, the exposure in your image should be greatly improved, as shown in Figure 8.34.
Click the Type Tool icon in the Toolbox and hold the mouse button down. From the pop-up menu, select the Horizontal Type Tool option. Choose an appropriate font and style for your text. In the Type tool s options bar (see Figure 1.24) choose a simple sans serif font such as Arial or Helvetica, select a Regular font style, and choose an appropriate size for the type (18 points or 72 pixels should do it).
The Business
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mounting, or slot for memory chips or modules. Newer boards include mounting slots (shown in Figure 24-4) for RDRAM Inline Memory Modules (RIMMs) and Dual Inline Memory Modules (DIMMs). Older motherboards can have slots for Single Inline Memory Modules (SIMMs) or even Dual Inline Packaging (DIP) sockets. See 6 for more information on memory modules.
Figures 7-9 through 7-14 show frames from the Pinwheel, Multi-Spin, Swirl, Iris Star, Paint Spatter, and Iris Square transitions using a blobs sequence and the Colorful Spheres image.
The wireless access point (WAP) or your wireless router serves all your wireless-enabled LAN clients: desktop and notebook computers, printers, and so on. As described and configured here, you ll be running your wireless LAN in infrastructure mode. (Another wireless network mode called ad hoc applies only to wireless Ethernet devices that communicate on a peer-to-peer level, without an access point in the network, and is not covered in this appendix.) You can use a long CAT5 cable to connect the router to your cable or DSL modem, so you have a good bit of flexibility in terms of wireless router placement. As for any wired Ethernet connection, you can use any cable length up to 100 meters (about 300 feet) between the router and the modem. For the best wireless LAN performance, the ideal location for the wireless router is at the center of the network, with clear line of sight to each of the wireless clients, if possible. In the case of one or more walls between your LAN client and the router, you re likely to find signal strength and link quality substantially reduced, depending on the construction materials used and related factors. Reduced link quality may not be a problem for casual use, but it s something to keep in mind for applications that need higher throughput, like large file transfers.
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