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Printing PDF 417 in Java Part III: Adding Advanced Design Features

The Insert FLV dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 26-2.
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9: Masks and Extractions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 419
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8 In the Color Picker dialog box, select a black color and then click OK to apply it.
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3: Downloading and Organizing Your Photos
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I ve spent some time talking about the best ways to convert a color image to black and white, so it only seems appropriate that I discuss how to add color to a black-and-white photo. I am often asked to use this technique on old photos to give them a different kind of antique look. Back in the days before color film was available, hand-coloring black-and-white photos was very popular. Tinted oils were used to add various color washes to different parts of the image. The effects were sometimes uneven, but some color was perceived as better than none. This hand-tinting effect was used so much that it has an antique feel to it when we see it now. Figure 11.13 shows an old photo before and after hand-tinting in Photoshop.
By default, layer notification only applies when xrefs add new layers to a drawing, because xrefs are the most common means of adding layers without your knowledge. However, you can choose the Evaluate All New Layers option, especially if you use templates that already contain all the desired layers. The Notify When New Layers Are Present check box and the other check boxes below it determine if and when you see a notification window. For example, if you choose to evaluate all new layers and specify notification when you save, when you add a layer and save the drawing, you see the notification bubble shown in Figure 26.14. Click the link in the bubble to open the Layer Properties Manager. FIGURE 26.14
n Screening. You make choices for screening from this pull-down menu. Unless you have some special need for embedding half-tone frequencies in the EPS file, leave the Screening set to Default Screen and handle all your frequency control at the RIP. For PostScript files, set the screening as desired before downloading the file. n Printer Profile. You can embed a printer profile in the EPS file(s) from the available choices in the pull-down menu. If you want to eliminate color management, select the option at the top of the menu choices for Same As Source (No Color Management). n Apply Output Preview Settings. Select this option to simulate the output of one device on another. This option simulates the output condition defined in the Output Preview dialog box on the current output device. n Transparency Flattener Preset. Choose from High Medium and Low resolutions for transparency flattening. Transparency is flattened according to your choice in the resultant EPS file. n Simulate Overprinting. Overprints and knockouts can be soft-proofed onscreen for colorseparated devices. The check box is grayed out unless you choose one of the separation items in the Color pull-down menu. n Use Maximum Available JPEG2000 Image Resolution. For any raster images contained in the EPS file export, the file compression uses JPEG2000 at the maximum setting when this check box is enabled. If disabled, the original compression level at the time the PDF was created is used. n Ink Manager. Clearing the box on the far left of each color plate eliminates the plate for separated files. Scroll the box to see any spot colors and you can select spot colors for conversion to CMYK color.
Cutting Edges
Figure P4.27
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The assumption of boundedness of 0 in the third assertion of Lemma A.29 is important. The reason why on bounded sets in R the L k p a c e s get smaller as the exponent p rises is that the maximum admissible strength of singularities decreases (Figure A.24).
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