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In this progression, the chart is appearing by series.
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DISTANCE MEASURES Geometric distance measures
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As you work, PowerPoint underlines words that aren t in its dictionary with a red, wavy line. Whenever you see a red-underlined word, you can right-click it to see a list of spelling
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Part II: Creating Documents with Word
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1. Change the color of the right color stop. Select the right color stop by clicking it, and click the Color box below to display the Select Stop Color dialog box. Type the RGB values that you used when creating the orange arrow: 254, 141, 32. Click OK to close the Color Picker. 2. Change the color of the left color stop. Select the left color stop, and again click the Color box below to display the Select Stop Color dialog box. Make the color darker and redder in hue than the previous orange; say, RGB 239, 84, 0. Click OK to close the dialog box. 3. Click OK in the Gradient Editor. This closes the Gradient Editor and returns you to the Layer Style dialog box.
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Figure 12 .10
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Entrance (Green). The item s appearance on the slide is animated. Either it does not appear right away when the rest of the slide appears, or it appears in some unusual way (such as ying or fading), or both. Emphasis (Yellow). The item is already on the slide and is modi ed in some way. For example, it may shrink, grow, wiggle, or change color. Exit (Red). The item disappears from the slide before the slide itself disappears, and you can specify that it does so in some unusual way. Motion Paths (Gray). The item moves on the slide according to a preset path. Motion paths are discussed later in the chapter.
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Home Office
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Figure P2.77
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PSPICE requ ires th at all schemati cs have a ground or reference termin al. The ground node vo ltage w ill be zero, and all other node vo ltages are referenced to it. We can use either the analog ground (AGND) or the earth ground (EGND) part from the PORT.slb library show n in Fig. 5.30. Get thi s part and place it at th e bottom of the schematic as shown in Fig. 5. 34. Make sure thar the part touches the boltom wire in the diagram so that the node dOl appears in your sche mati c. The wiring is now co mple ted.
LL Schmidt, LL Kirk,
12: Finishing the Image
for dynamically scalable service delivery in their products. There is always more work to be done to enable ease of access and easier consumption of cloud capabilities based on the frameworks we have developed. In addition, cloud consumption and access models must enable and support multiple cloud consumer types to engage with and participate in the cloud ecosystem. Exhibit 6.15 illustrates how different communities or types of cloud consumers might access different Cloud Enablement Model tiers based on their speci c business or technical requirements. As Exhibit 6.14 suggests, data center technicians and architects are very much interested in the cloud virtualization tier as both internal and public external cloud deployments, based on the needs
Forms are ubiquitous on the Web. Virtually any organization whether commercial or nonprofit, small or large, uses one or more forms to establish communication with their site library. A form typically comprises two types of elements: form elements and labels. For easy readability, form elements are aligned with labels in an adjacent column. The most commonly used form elements are text fields, text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons, lists/menus, and buttons. The appearance of form elements varies according to the operating system and browser in which they are viewed. A list form element, for example, looks quite different on a Mac than it does on a PC. To represent forms in their comp,
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