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In most cases, you will want your Balanced Scorecard or dashboard to show a clean background without row and column headers, scroll bars, and so forth. To turn off items you may not want to show: 1. Choose Tools, Options and select the View tab in the Options dialog box 2. In the Show group, clear all the check boxes:
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3: Exposure Makeovers
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DRAM and manages read/write cycles more efficiently.
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When calculating a series of straight lines, the default is to have the shape entered by a series of points as shown in Figure 13.12. OSNAPs are needed for accuracy.
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Color and Output
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A distributed component is assumed to be built using object-oriented technologies and following specific architectural, design, and implementation patterns . While normally composed of a number of language classes, as illustrated in Figure 2 .2, a distributed component could also be built with other programming technologies . We shall return to these points in 3 . We will extend the concept of the distributed component and of its interface when addressing the business component in 4, "The Business Component." We will find that it makes sense to think of the distributed component as a concept that spans the development lifecycle and that has several aspects, such as different kinds of interfaces at each of design-time, build-time, and runtime. In general, the nature of the distributed component is defined in this book from the point of view of the functional designer . The functional designer should not be concerned with technical complexities such as locating objects on the network, how data is communicated from a client to a server, transactional boundaries, concurrency, event management, and so on . Our definition of the distributed component abstracts these and other aspects and is largely technology independent . That is, we apply this definition whether we imple-
Presets: This allows you to select one of Photoshop s predefined presets or one of your own saved ones. You can save the settings you make in the Curves tool as a preset by selecting the Save Curves Preset from the Adjustments Panel menu. Photoshop provides the following predefined adjustments to quickly adjust the levels of images: Default, Color Negative, Cross Process, Darker, Increase Contrast, Lighter, Linear Contrast, Medium Contrast, Negative, Strong Contrast, and Custom. Color channel: This allows you to select the composite channel or one of the individual color channels. Making curves adjustments to the composite channel changes the entire image. Making changes to an individual color channel allows you to fix level problems associated with specific color without affecting other colors.
Figure 10-16: The VPN Client Help menu choices
In this chapter the technologies used in IP-based RAN transport are presented within the framework of IETF traf c engineering. The full loop of traf c engineering process in IP RAN includes policy-based management for the con guration of the network elements, as well as technologies for measuring service quality in the network. There is also a shorter timescale process involved,
4. Press Enter to use the Close option (which appears after you ve specified two or more points) to complete the viewport.
Figure 6 .7
Part VI Premiere and Beyond
The following MATlAB data consist of the conversion of the sources to rectangular fonn, the coefficient matrix Y, the Yector I, the solution equation V inv(YJ*I, and the solution
Windows XP provides several tools for keeping your hard drive in good working order. By opening the Properties dialog box for a specific hard drive, you can check the drive for errors, defragment its files for greater efficiency, or back up the data to a separate location. This section covers the first two options; data backup is covered in 4. To perform these two important maintenance activities, open My Computer and right-click the hard drive you want to maintain. Choose Properties from the pop-up menu and click the Tools tab to reveal the options. Figure 22-9 shows the result.
8. Add the bottom whisker for the minimum value by right-clicking on the segment touching the X axis, choosing Format Data Series and selecting the Y Error Bars tab. In the Error Amount group, select Custom, and in the (minus) reference box, enter the Min Plot data in H27:J27. In Excel 2007, repeat the process described in step 7, but select the column segment touching the X axis. Select from the Vertical Error Bars a bar in the Minus direction. In the Error Amount clear the positive Error Value box and enter H27:J27. In any version of Excel, you should now see an error bar hanging down from the top of the lowest segment. 9. Right-click the Y-axis, choose Format Axis and adjust the Y axis scale. Your chart should now look like Figure 24.4.
Here are the steps to accomplish the task:
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Part II: The System Case and Power Supply
Point Light at Origin: Use the Point Light at Origin button to rotate the light in place so it is pointed directly at the center of your 3D scene. Move to Current View: Use the Move to Current View button to move the light to the exact position of the camera you are using to look at the scene, showing the source of the light and illuminating the face closest to you.
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