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To select all objects, choose Home tab Utilities panel Select All, or press Ctrl+A.
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1 vertex functions u: ) represent the derivatives,
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It is well known (see, e.g., [26, 381 and [84]) that the 2n-periodic functions
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Working in Different Color Modes
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At about 0.3, you ll see a dramatic visual change as the blurring smooths the pixels out, dramatically reducing posterization. You ll want to apply just enough blur to remove the posterization pattern . . . and no more. If you apply too much blur, image sharpness suffers. Even here, applying this 0.3-radius Gaussian Blur has noticeably softened the image. Time to fix that.
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You might find it interesting that the Extras option allows you to see non-printing guides like selections, bounding boxes, and grids. If you deselect the Extras option, any of these items that are visible in your document disappear. The Show menu lets you customize which non-printing items are visible.
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Notes and Further Reading
Figure P3.32
The photo is dim due to poor lighting when it was taken.
e , ( i ) = ui.iiri-1
To begin restricting access to the presentation, follow these steps: 1. Choose File Protect Presentation Restrict Permission by People Restricted Access. The Select User dialog box appears. 2. Select your name and click OK. (It appears there because you previously con gured your computer for IRM, as in the preceding section.) The Permission dialog box opens. 3. Mark the Restrict Permission to this Presentation check box. 4. Enter speci c people s e-mail addresses (the addresses associated with their Windows Live IDs) into the Read and/or Change boxes. People in the Read box will be able to read but not edit the presentation; people in the Change box will have editing privileges. See Figure 22-11. 5. Click More Options. A different version of the Permission dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 22-12. 6. Select a user from the list, and then mark or clear check boxes for speci c permissions he or she should have. Repeat for each user.
n Other Cursors (Standard): Again, you can select Standard to get the regular cursors or Precise to get cross hairs. You may want to leave this option set to Standard because you can always access the cross-hair cursor by pressing Caps Lock. The Precise option locks you into the cross hair whether you like it or not.
Changing an object s linetype
1. From the Bindings panel, click the XML link in the displayed step: Please Attach XML Source Document (see Figure 32-13). 2. When the Locate XML Source dialog box opens, make sure that the Attach A Local File On My Computer Or Local Area Network option is selected. 3. Click Browse to open the Select File dialog box and locate the XML file; click OK when you ve found it. 4. Click OK in the Locate XML Source dialog box to confirm your choice.
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