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Really Simple Syndication: How it works Creating RSS files Handy RSS tools
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Figure 2-15: Net8 Select Protocols
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Perhaps one of the most difficult things for most of us to experience is change. Once we become familiar with some form of standard, we like to keep things simple and uncomplicated. As I mentioned in 1, the Acrobat User Interface (UI) has changed appearance in Acrobat 8 compared to all earlier versions of Acrobat. With regard to toolbars and views, you can immediately see a difference in the UI in Acrobat 8. If you want to regain a little of the familiar, there are a few things you can do to get the appearance of the Acrobat workplace similar to what you re familiar with in earlier viewers. Follow the steps here to design your Acrobat work environment to regain more of a familiar view as you had with earlier Acrobat viewers. Note that what follows in the steps below is a matter of personal preference.
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Use the Start menu to start an Of ce program
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Is a picture really worth a thousand words It s up to you. Pictures that are merely decorative might simply clutter up a document and make it more time-consuming to send to somebody and more expensive to print. But used carefully, pictures enable you to show the reader what you mean. Yes, used the right way, pictures can save many paragraphs of explanation, so perhaps a picture is worth a thousand words maybe more. If not, there wouldn t be so many pictures in this book, helping to illustrate ideas. You can insert pictures in Word in several ways, using pictures from a variety of different graphics formats. We ll look at formats shortly. If you have pictures on removable media such as SD (secure digital), CF (compact ash), CD, DVD, or USB drive it s usually best if those pictures have been copied to your hard drive before you proceed. While you can insert directly from such sources, or from a local area network (LAN) or over the Internet, you have more options available to you if the les are on your own computer in a location that is always accessible.
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of the organization s governing board members. However, if more than a simple majority of the governing board is needed to approve financial decisions, the criterion for appointing the majority of the board to determine accountability has not been met. The primary government s ability to appoint a voting majority of the organization s governing board must have substance. For example, if the primary government must appoint the governing board members from a list or slate of candidates that is very narrow and controlled by another level of government or organization, it would be difficult to argue that the primary government actually appointed a voting majority of a governing board, since the freedom of choice is so limited. A primary government s appointment ability would also not be substantive if it consisted only of confirming candidates to the governing board that were actually selected by another individual or organization. Imposition of will. If, in addition to its ability to appoint a voting majority of an organization s governing board, a primary government is able to impose its will on the organization, the primary government is financially accountable for the organization. GASBS 14 provides guidance on when a primary government can impose its will on another organization. Generally, a primary government has the ability to impose its will on an organization if it can significantly influence the programs, projects, activities, or level of services performed or provided by the organization. Imposition of will can be demonstrated by the existence of any one of the following conditions: The ability to remove appointed members of the organization s governing board The ability to modify or approve the budget of the organization The ability to modify or approve rate or fee changes affecting revenues, such as water usage rate increases The ability to veto, overrule, or modify the decisions (other than the budget and rates or fee changes listed above) of the organization s governing body
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where the mapping S is described by a continuous hypersurface C RP+'. The continuous surface r is a multi-dimensional plot of the output as a function of the input. Figure 8.16 z illustrates the mappingF ( z ) from a single-dimensional input space to a single-dimensional r. of r output space and the surface Again, in the case an equaliser, the mapping surface maps the channel output to the transmitted symbol.
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Step 2: Compute the document frequencies foreach $word ( sort keys Xgranddict ) $sum = 0; for $i ( 0 . . $#tf ) C if ( $tf [$i]C$word) > 0 c
E12.19 Given the filter network shown in Fig. E12.19, determine the transfer function G v(jw), sketch the magnitude characteristic of the Bode plot for G,(jw), and identify the filter characteri stics of the network.
Figure 19-5: The Windows Clipboard Viewer showing a screen captured by pressing the Print Screen key.
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Fireworks native file format, an enhanced PNg, is not suitable for the Web. Any images intended for the internet must be exported from Fireworks in a viable format, such as giF, JPeg, or standard PNg. You can export either an entire document or a portion of a document. To export an entire document, select the desired format from the Optimization panel and select your settings. You can preview the original and another format or the original and three other formats to help you achieve the best balance of image representation and file size. Once you ve completed your optimization finetuning, choose File u Export; in the export dialog box, choose Images only from the export list. To export a portion of a document, use Fireworks s slicing capabilities. Slices are displayed on the Web Layer in the Layers panel. A selected object vector or bitmap can be easily sliced by choosing Edit u Insert u Rectangular Slice or Polygon Slice. if multiple objects are selected, Fireworks gives you the option of creating one slice or one for each selected object. Slices can also be defined manually through use of the Slice tool. Once the slices have been defined, you can either export all of the slices in one operation or individually. To export all the slices simultaneously, open the Export dialog box and choose HTML and Images from the Export list as well as Export Slices from the Slices list.
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At first glance you may think that the menu command is useless and unnecessary. However, when viewing PDF documents where the menu bar is hidden or viewing files in Full Screen mode, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/ +M to open the Zoom To dialog box. You can then change zoom levels without making the menu bar visible or exiting Full Screen mode.
You can simply press the Enter key while entering a command in SQL*Plus to go to the next line. A command is not executed until you enter that all-important semicolon (;) at the end of the line.
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